Bill Nye and Phil Plait are possible UFO Sighting Debunkers for the NSA and CIA!

Bill Nye and Phil Plait are possible UFO Sighting Debunkers for the NSA and CIA!

The poster of this video stated, "I made this video to expose UFO debunkers to be close minded, uninformed and or afraid of the truth. If they're not any of those three things, then they're deliberately lying to confuse the public about this issue."

Now we have seen Bill Nye on whenever there is a UFO sighting on CNN or talked about by Larry King and when I first saw him up there I asked myself why they would bring a small science teacher to talk about such important issues? Then he spoke and I knew...the NSA and CIA bought him off to work for them. Their goal is to keep the public uninformed about UFOs and to do this they hire some public figures. Bill Nye the NSA guy is one of them!

You have been outed Bill! You are a sell out! Where is your dignity? All that trust you built up earlier in your career is gone, gone, gone! I have been watching him too for a few years and he never even considers the truth.

Oh, and for the future info about NSA and CIA debunkers...Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer is also one of those hired by the US government to debunk UFO sighting, but instead of using science he uses cruel and rude remarks and jokes to embarrass those who say they have had UFO sighting...making the eyewitnesses feel ashamed and embarrassed...emotionally forcing them to keep their silence. Phil Plait became once worked for Science.com which looks like a corporation that the US formed to Debunk UFO sightings. Thats right, Science.com and all its sister sites (lots) are may be owned by the US gov and they are using these sites to discredit any UFO sighting or alien info that makes it to the world news.

Source: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/

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