Tiny Alien Life Form Discovered In Village at Sri Lanka, July 2011, UFO Sighting News Video.

OMG! One of our reader cleared this up for us. He says its a Flatid Leaf Bug Nymph which mimics lichen in appearance. Awesome deduction. Thank you for the help. SCW

Date of sighting: July 2011
Location of sighting: Galewela village, Sri Lanka

New insect or is it an alien life form? How do you know what an alien will look like if you have never seen one before? Please keep an open mind. Perhaps a stow away insect on that came here from another world aboard a UFO, much like the mosquito.

"Villagers in Galewela have sought the assistance of authorities including the Wildlife Department to identify a creature which has been fast spreading in the area. The insect around one inch was spotted by a villager and since then a large number of people have been visiting the location."


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  1. Those are Flatid Leaf Bug Nymphs

  2. those are Flatid Leaf Bug Nymphs


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