UFO Orb or Alien Energy Being Lands In China On Security Cam, Sept 2011 UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 2011
Location of sighting: China

Sina News Reports: Making big news in China at the moment is a possible extraterrestrial event that took place in the city of Yichang in Hubei Province. A UFO was filmed by a surveillance camera in a residential area as it descended and hovered at around two meters from the ground for around twenty seconds. The object, a glowing white orb, appeared to be around a meter in diameter. Light from the UFO reflected against building walls before it shot off into the night sky (see photo above for a still from the footage). The event occurred on 13 march at around 11:30 pm.

On hearing the news of the UFO, startled residents residents ran towards the security cubicle to view the UFO on film. One resident said he thought it was a "fireball". Other more sceptical residents concluded it was just an insect or an object being dangled in front of the lens of the camera.

However at least one resident claims to have seen the object; "I was feeding my children" recounted a local mother "and all the sudden there was this incredibly bright light, my children instinctively covered their eyes".

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