UFO Cloaked As Cloud Caught Over New Zealand, Late Oct 2012.

Above is #1 photo, with full below. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
#2 Photo is below and notice the probe coming out. The probe also has distortion around it.

Date of sighting: Late October 2012
Location of sighting: New Plymouth District, New Zealand

Eyewitness states (email report):
This was taken late October over the New Plymouth district, New 
Zealand...with Mt Taranaki appearing in the distance. My brother-in-law, 
Jim Paxie took the shot...he says just above the first cloud was a very 
striking pink glow between the two layers...but this didn't really show 
on film.

It stayed for over half an hour he said....then slowly dissipated. 
These clouds often appear near mountains....but I thought I'd send you 
this as it does look rather cool I thought.
The above report was emailed to me at UFO Sightings Daily and is really amazing. Sometimes people ask why do you believe that UFOs sometimes make clouds around them? To move about stealthily. A military solider at Fort Belvoir was eyewitness and recorded a metallic ring UFO over his base and took photos of it over several minutes, seeing it create a cloud around itself to hide. This is a US military report called the "The Condon Report," from 1957. The photos he took are below. 


  1. I am certain that this craft was cloaked and hovering above the San Fernando Valley (L.A.) around midnight, give or take 15 minutes. It has been raining for a couple of days now, so of course there are clouds in the sky. This, however, caught my attention as I was walking back inside my home from the backyard. It was to my left (south) of the Northridge area and compared to ALL of the other clouds nearby, it definitely stood out. As I pointed to it and told my partner, I looked at it from as many angles as I could. After about 2-3 minutes of no movement, yet all the clouds around it were moving, it started to dissipate. It was amazing to me because it was within seconds of saying "I think that's the one Scott posted on UFOSD! It looks exactly the same!" There was also a ton of helicopter activity throughout the night.

  2. On Wednesday evening, of October 6, 2009, an odd shaped cloud appeared over the Western part of Moscow, Russia. This cloud glowed with white light and was in the shape of a huge disk. It was so large that some who witnessed the event had said that it was similar in size to the mother ship in the ID4 movie. Along the edges of the cloud could be seen a white light, which shone brightly in the evening sky. Understand this however; high above this white cloud were black clouds that totally blocked out the sky, therefore it is logical to assume that the light from the white cloud could not have come from the sun, since no sun could be seen through the separate sheet of black clouds that was far above the UFO. The video that has been seen all over the Internet and television news was shot on Moscow Ring Road (coincidence?) in a car traveling from Volokolamsky to Novorizhskoe highway.

    Like most sightings, this one would have disappeared into obscurity if it had not been so brilliantly recorded on someone's cell phone camera and uploaded to Youtube.com for the public to take notice. Many weather scientists and specialists looked at the footage to find the cause of the white glowing cloud formation. They have ruled out chemical pollution and said that it could not possibly be any form of known weather phenomenon. Instead scientist say that it was no more than an optical illusion or in other words, your eyes fooled you into thinking you saw a glowing disk shape several kilometers in diameter. Yep...you heard it right. It's the Russian equivalent of the US responses of calling UFO sightings either weather balloons or Venus. You would think that someone with a doctorate in science could think up something better, but no...that pathetic attempt is the best they got.

    You would think that a glowing cloud would cause the Russians to scramble their aircraft to check the formation out, but it probably did not show up on airport radar, but this is yet to be confirmed.

    Why would a UFO create a cloud formation that allows it to hide from view? The electrons coming off of an oscillating negatively charged self-accelerating object can knock out electrons in the atoms that compose our atmosphere. When the atoms regain their electrons, they will emit an aurora of greenish, bluish (Note: Project Aurora), or yellowish colors. The smell of ozone may by noticeably detected if a person is at close proximity to the UFO. UFOs have often been seen making or leaving behind an aurora-like glow in the sky where it had once been. A ring of glowing air may also be seen along the circumferential edge of the UFOs. A small space between the outer metal surface and the ring is commonly found in UFO reports, which might be due to a reduction in air pressure along the smooth surface of the craft. When there is a reduction in air pressure and humidity, and there is humidity present in the atmosphere, clouds can easily form around the UFO. This is why I believe that some UFOs have been seen hiding within a cloud. It is possible that they do not mean to hide from us, but that it is an oddity of their UFO technology that causes it to appear so.


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