Yet Again, UFO Found In NASA Website, From Space Shuttle Mission STS104, Amazing Capture.

Date of discovery: Jan 19, 2013
Date of photograph: July 23, 2001
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, Shuttle at ISS
Mission: STS104

Eyewitness that discovered this: 
This UFO is simply amazing. Not only is the UFO shown pretty clear in this photo it appears to be doing something near Earth. My guess is that it could be testing our atmosphere or maybe doing some type of experiments or simply watching us. Who knows but when I saw this photo I was blown away by the reflection on the top. This UFO appears to be gold in color. Here is a link to the original photo.


  1. DO you believe that everything you post is real or do you have doubt?

    1. I always check the NASA website for the true source of the UFO photos, so I do believe being from such a source…it would be indisputable. Impossible to debunk.

      However with UFO videos themselves I am very careful to check to see if its CGI or not. CGI videos are usually 9-15 seconds in length because they are so hard to make. I try hard to post only authentic UFO videos, but I am sure some may get past me.

      Of all UFO sightings in the sky recorded I only believe 10-15% are authentic UFOs, so I also will not post videos I think are balloons, planes, birds, remote control planes, led kites and so on.

      I try to be careful…but like us all, I am only human.

  2. how come a major campain is not under way to bring this to the human race or does the cia,nsa,control the media,or is somebody trying to slowly,i know it is beyond most peoples experience to fully understand the full scope of what is happing on planet eath and the moon let alone everthing else,but,the earth humans need to start there journey towards understanding,spiritualality,education,healing ourselves and the planet,and taking our place in the cosmos..

  3. Conheci este site através do blog Noticias Ufologicas e estou sempre acompanhando as postagens e publicando no meu blog, sempre dando os créditos é logico, aqui deixo um link a quem possa interessar sobre a divulgação dos extraterrestes,
    http://bloglaurabotelho.blogspot.com.br/2013/01/divulgacao-internacional-sobre-presenca.html, eu já publiquei outros que vão divulgar também, espero que apreciem....abraços ao administrador deste site e a todos os que comentaram.....JO

  4. wow,you are doing a fantastic job scott,even the skeptics society can say this is swamp gas,ha,ha,but thanks to people like you the truth will come out,even the cia,nsa can not cover up the evidents you keep bring out to the people of the world...

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