Check Out This UFO On Google Earth Map Before Google Deletes It In A Few Months.

Date of sighting: Date of image March 2011
Location of sighting: North Lauderdale, Florida
Date of discovery: June 29, 2013
Method used to find it: Google Earth Map (free online program, includes Mars, Moon, Stars)
Copy past this in Google search box: 26°14'1.94"N 80°14'29.80"W

Look at this fantastic discovery. I checked it out and its there, but you have to enter streetview from that point. The person who found it was looking in Google Earth map and found a UFO over the house. 

Now, I have reported a few of these that I discovered myself and every one of them were deleted by Google within 3-5 months. The last video I made was of the Lazar style UFO over Cape of Good Hope, Africa, but those @#$#erds at Google deleted it soon after. The post is on the left side of this web site. What I'm saying is that I have reported over 50 Google earth UFOs and none...I repeat none exit today. That in it self is undeniable proof that Google in working with the US government to keep alien evidence under wraps. It sounds like Google, the NSA and CIA are in bed together. You can also see that when you visit Google Mars. It looks like a child's scrap book, not a professionally put together map. Scott C. Waring


  1. I saw it. No idea what it could be. Maybe a drone? But it is there.

  2. its time for the world to know. its time for officials to stop hiding the truth. yes we are humans well most of us, we are afraid, however we will learn to deal with it because we must.

  3. our world is so backwards because they keep hiding everything. we all need to learn and the only way for us to protect ourselves if other worlds decides to fight us is for our officials to stop protecting us and instead teach us how to protect ourselves.

  4. One of my fave things to do on GE is spot for ufos and chemtrails. Great site!


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