NASA Tries To Pass UFO Off As Part Of The Space Station Floating Away! Aug 19, 2013.

Date of sighting: August 19, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths orbit following ISS

Now NASA was quick to jump in and say this is part of the space station that accidentally flew away and was not noticed for about 18 hours, however I trust NASA about as far as I can throw them. Look at the different shapes of this UFO. Yes I said UFO. NASA long ago used words like swamp gas, boogie, weather balloon. The new code word for UFO apparently is "part of the space station." Nice one and some quick thinking for guys sitting around all day long looking at their computer monitors. At least they did succeed in getting a great video of the UFO that was following them so long. 

Why don't I believe them? A million reasons really, but the main one is that at a whopping cost of $100,000,000 US dollars this is not only the most expensive structure ever made and house humans, but also the most well made, hi-tech structure using the most genius minds of Earths scientific world. "Oops part of the ISS is flying away," is not going to work on this guy!

It's a UFO...if its not then prove it NASA, but stop making your lies and passing them to the public like they are sheep. SCW


  1. After looking at the object, I think that they are using "fire" to fly in the air.Really its an unidentified object or, maybe not according to NASA.That thing is the security camera flying in the clouds to check the security of the station(This is what NASA will say).Well done nice found, I hope they will still say its the part of there satellite.

  2. As a UFO enthusiast that looks like it could very well be something off the ISS. Seems to be just floating there and pretty small. I don't see it change shape. Once again, being so 'as matter of fact' that everything is alien is just as bad as the people who are that everything is not. But like all my posts this will never see the light of day because you can't be told you might be wrong. But I do enjoy some things on your site.

  3. It's a bacon cheeseburger in orbit!


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