Triangle UFO Hovering Over Ocean At Cancun, Mexico April 23, 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 23, 2014
Location of sighting: Cancun, Mexico
Source: MUFON.com

Hey guys, check out this MUFON report. If you stop the video in places, the UFO actually does have a triangle shape. Sure this could be a secret TR3B the military has, but the military got the design and propulsion from aliens. Not in a US military area, so has to be alien. SCW
Eyewitness states:
It must have been about 8:30pm when I observed something like a rectangle in the distance, it seemed to be hovering over the caribbean sea, South of Isla Mujeres in cancun. I observed this phenomena from the 5th floor of the Hyatt Regency in Cancun, where I was staying for about a week. The object was hovering over the water. I was fast enough to capture this object on HD video camera. It stay still for about 2 minutes and then disappeared. You can see it disappear on video. 

It was a dark clear night, with a few clouds here and there but the sky was very clear that night. There were no planes in the area at the time the UFO appeared. It appeared as a grey long rectangular object. I would thus like to share this video with like minded people who have an interest in the UFO phenomena. Its up to the general public to decide if this is anything otherworldly or just a phenomena in the night sky.


  1. As a cameraman and photographer - it always baffles me as to why no one ever thinks to STABILIZE THE CAMERA when they shoot these kinds of things. You don't need a tripod - use a railing or ledge or something. Anything.
    The guy who shot this is moving the camera around like he's wasted drunk.

    1. LOL, yeah I use to shoot video that way, but learned from a reader about leaning on something to steady myself. Very true and I hope it helps others who have never thought of it.

  2. I Live in Orange County Ca.

    This last month I have seen 2 times a Triangle Shaped craft moving very fast and quite in our skies.

    The first time I saw it was around 5/14 8:30 pm PST. It was moving from SE to NW just above the low clouds. There were 4 other witnesses. ( You don’t have time to get out your phone, click the Cam button, and get a clear pic of this. It moves so fast and quiet that your lucky enough to just witness it. )

    The second time I saw it 2 weeks later ( 9:30pm PST ) by myself having a smoke in the Backyard, when I saw a Triangle shaped craft moving very fast and quiet, ( NW to SE ) but this time it was clear and I could see that the tips of the Triangle where reflective but not lighting up or anything. It was blending in well with the nights sky. It was moving so fast across the sky, and yet it was silent. It’s got to be a drone of some sort. It moves to fast to be piloted by human hands. ( at least I would assume so )

    Has Anyone else seen something like this?


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