Email report: UFOs seen over N Sacramento, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Although this report doesn't include a photo or video, its is very interesting and talks about the UFO splitting up and a fighter jet in the area. SCW

Date of sighting: June 2014
Location of sighting: 20 miles from Sacramento, California, USA
Source: Email

Eyewitness states:
Over Northern CA, 
These are the times we ave wittnessed this:
10:45 pm On a Friday.
11:28 pm on a Wed.

Last night at late night 2:30 am. was the most significant. A red "Dot"  light cruising  from North to South. Following a singular trajectory. Much like a "orbital path" we usually notice satellites in a orbital path of west to east. These have been different.

A red Object High in the sky, they would get to about 40 degrees past our apex and then it changed directions directly to the west a 90 degree turn. It traveled about 2 seconds west and reversed course to the east. (180 degree change)  then the one red object became 2 and they traveled outwards  both east and west for a few more seconds.  the Objects seemed to then rejoin each other then continue on to the south.

At that time there was a fighter from the Local AFB headed at the object with full afterburners lit. The fighter accelerated in an upwards direction until it was out of sight.  Then out of no where a (what can only be described as a Huge flashlight bean)  Lit up and went out. this last encounter had Beale AFB responding to it. This should prove that the red object seen are Not anything of ours.As Beale AFB has been known as the Northern Point for the test range of Groom Lake. (we have long history of seeing new toys first).

We will be setting up our cameras to attempt to capture footage of this. The interesting part is that there seems to be a patten of where these objects turn as it seems to be the same portion of the sky. (looking to be about 20 miles North of Sacramento) 


  1. its very true I seen him 3 times a week for the last 4 months they're here

  2. its very true I seen him 3 times a week for the last 4 months they're here

  3. yeah lota activity here to in the daylight.i work a job about 15 miles east and we take break at 10am,its a hot job so I goto my car to cool off,so about 10 minutes I notice a cloud parked directly over my car and wasn't moving but other cloud were moving around it.i said hum that weird,so I thought out loud"cloud revile yourself to me"less than 2 seconds a black dot came out,guess about 30 thousand feet,could see black dot good against white cloud background,stayed stationary about 10 sec,flashed north in a s curve and was gone into cloud bank in the north.did it hear me talk to it or just chance of sight?


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