2nd Face Overlooking Ocean In Kenting, Taiwan Indicates Underground ET Base Nearby, Sept 2014, UFO Sighting News. 不明飛行物觀測台灣

Date of discovery: Sept 2014
Location of discovery: Kenting, South end of Taiwan
Above photo shows 2nd face I found. It is in Kenting, Taiwan...farthest southern end of Taiwan and overlooks the ocean, just as the first face also does below. Both faces are 1/2 km from ocean and look towards it. 

When you find a face, there are always alien structure nearby. This is something most UFOlogists agree on when looking at structures on the moon, Mars and other heavenly bodies. This also applies to Earth, however the structures are under the ground 3-5km.

I was in Kenting and found another face. This is the second massive face in the local area. There is another I found a few months ago. This face looks a lot like the Easter Island statures and this face is facing out to sea. The second face I found is at the end of this video. Can you see it on the mountain?

These faces are located just 30km from a place where a few years ago a Taiwan police officer photographed a 3 meter tall alien near a lake in a secluded mountain. Also this is just 10km from the location of a Google Earth UFO found over a Taiwan AFB.

Scott C. Waring


  1. That doesn't mean there all connected...

    1. Find the pattern and you find your answers. Have you found your personal pattern in life? Everything follows a pattern, and aliens are no exception to this rule.

      South Taiwan is a hotbed for UFO activity. Did you see my two glowing ball UFOs I caught during sunset just the day after recording the face video?

  2. Keep up the good work Scott! I'm a big fan of your site

  3. Another great discovery Scott! Keep up the good work.


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