Alien Structures In Crater On Moon, Sept 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 2014
Location of discovery: Aristarchus Crater, Earths Moon
Source NASA photo: http://wms.lroc.asu.edu/lroc_browse/view/M175569775

Streetcap1 of Youtube found a structure in this crater, so I had to have a closer look. I downloaded the full photo and I found a lot of fragmented structures everywhere. The moons surface looks like its been littered with ancient abandoned technology. I don't think these structures or devices left behind are used anymore, just old alien garbage. Recycling is great if you are conveniently close to such things, but what if you are many solar systems away from home? Yep, leave it where it is and head off. Here are also a few photos of structures of interest in the same crater.  SCW


  1. good stuff, thanks and keep it comming

    1. Hey thanks, I will. It doesn't end till the govts of the world admit the truth.

  2. Crazy looking buildings, but hey, I've seen some crazier ones in my city. Love the face one.


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