Crop Circle In Texxcoco, Mexico On Dec 25, 2014 Locals Say Great Light Came Down, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 25, 2014
Location of discovery: Texcoco, Mexico
Source: http://deanfunestoday.com/aparecieron-extranas-figuras-en-un-campo-de-cultivo/
Source 2: http://rt.com/news/218063-mexico-ufo-crop-video/

News states:
About 200 people arrived at kilometer 23 of the federal Texcoco-Dairy route in Mexico, where eight strange asymmetrical shapes were formed in 500 meters of farmland. Neighbors attribute these figures to a work of "beyond". The police was present at the crime scene from 7 in the morning, as well as elements of the Department of Public Safety. However, no one could determine how these strange figures formed.  Some neighbors say that "a great light in the sky was" despite being cloudy and rainy Christmas Eve, but did little case. But then, in the morning, seeing the eight figures began to relate the lights with this phenomenon. Property owners asked the curious removed because they are damaging barley input for brewing. According to the owners, is common in planting figures with the wind forming. But not so convinced the curious.

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