Head On Mars Has Protruding Cheek Bones, Dec 12, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 12, 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/157372

Lets try to get ahead today shall we? Uh...sorry, it's Saturday here in Taiwan and I was looking through some Mars photos when I noticed this big head in the middle of the photo. The eye was evident, but looks as if it were closed. The nose and mouth are easy to make out. The lower jaw is very small and looks like it has very little strength in it. The back area of the skull has some interesting protruding cheek bone ridges which really make this species kind of cool looking. Remember this photo is HD, so check it out. Lots of things to yet to find. SCW


  1. Hello, where you say the eye is, is actually a small flat species overlapping the rock.

  2. I also notice that if you look at the picture further down below, on the bottom left hand side, where theres a group of rocks, you will also see a oval transparent plant or creature pertruding out of the ground amongst the rocks.(looks like a oval shaped cactus. Remember the infamous mars rodent picture from a few years ago, well the cactus shaped object almost looks the same as the one in the picture back then.

  3. Hello, if you look at the bottom right hand corner, next to the head, you will notice the mars frog again, this time the mars frog has got his back turned against us. Notice that the spine and texture on its skin is the same as the texture in the other picture. Also, notice that this frog has a short stubby tail, instead of a long one like in the other picture. Maybe this frog lost its tail in a trap, or had its tail bitten off by it's predator. Notice the shape of the frog, you can see the back of it's little round pertruding head, and it's short pudgy little arms.It looks like it is still hopping away from the rover. Gosh, there could be more creatures on Mars than there is on Earth! Too bad when the astronauts eventually colonize Mars, that a lot of these creatures will become extinct for various man-caused reasons and selfish excuses.

  4. It also looks like the little mars frog has the back of it's head slightly turned right and it's mouth open...maybe it caught a Mars fly, or it is waiting patiently to catch an insect.

  5. I see a frog next to the head, in the lower bottom right hand corner.

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