NASA Astronaut Evades Question About UFOs While On Space Station Live Cam, Dec 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Unknown
Location of video: Space Station
Astronaut name: Unkown

This NASA astronaut is caught off guard when he is asked a high security question by a regular public citizen. The question is in Spanish, but if you can speak spanish, please give us a comments below. 

It appears that he is asked about the UFOs seen on the live space station cam, but the astronaut seems be hesitating for a few seconds. Also you can hear the people back on Earth applaud the person for asking the question. This was on a live broadcast on the ISS cam, so they were unable to edit the question out. I see from the flag his leg that he is from Puerto Rico, however I don't see him on board the list of ISS current crew. SCW