8 potentially habitable alien worlds discovered, Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

I think a lot of you will like this video. It covers a lot of the sightings from this week and some other informative news about the Kepler Telescope. Sure finding planets seems unimportant since we don't have the ability to travel there. However we do have the technology to send messages there in the form of radio waves, laser, micro waves and even with a space probe. Sure the last one will be slow, but its the effort that counts. If we, the human race show effort to communicate to other planets, then they will put forward the effort to answer. SCW

Open Minds States:
Scientists discovered eight new potentially habitable planets by sifting through data collected by the Kepler space telescope. And a recent video showing a UFO streaking through the sky over southern California made considerable headlines this week. These and other space and UFO headlines on this episode of Spacing Out! 


  1. What if Doctor Who is real, after all where do they get those ideas "the moon is a giant flea egg".

  2. Do a lot more research on DARPA and its past programs and how they utilize Nikola Tesla's notes, patents, invetions, compounding systems, and his flawless experimentation data to discover that the impossible is very real once the mystery is understood, applied, and not concealed.

  3. Ok ok, im willing to believe that the SSP aka the "Secret Space Program" has possibly to a lesser degree in our present day global tech development stage just may have developed what s called "Worm Hole Technology" to boldly go to regions of this local universe that humanity on earth has not been RESTRICTED to travel to...

    Think of that Sci/Fi series Stargate, & 2days military influenced mentality from the global pwr brokers aka the GRB's of "Militerizing local solar sys Space", & there now if not in the past realization that mars for instance contains a heck of a lot of so called "Strategic Mineral Wealth" to be PLUNDERED & as far as there concerned "fuck the geo scientific studies that may answer the origins of humanity on earth," hell as far as the Banksters ect are concerened " a fast buck needs to be made @ any cost human or material" ...

    Some of those Tesla experiments imo became quite awesome DEVICES in the hands of the secret gov & space prog's & & lets face it crew the Global Robber Barons of this world rather see approx 2/3rds of the worlds population just die off in so many many soft kill ways that they've created that IF & or WHEN this global bio & economic genocidal realization becomes more & more aparrent to the global masses THEN & only THEN will this so called global elite would imo try to utilize the back engineered & also developed human tech to basicly...


    Who needs them.


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