Pyramid and Moon Shape Base On Earths Moon, Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2, 2015
Location of discovery: Ryder Crater, Earths Moon
NASA photo: http://wms.lroc.asu.edu/lroc_browse/view/M169630027RE

This was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He has an eye for catching archaeological discoveries using NASA photos. This is a rare photo of the far side of Earths moon. This pyramid is a clear evidence of ancient aliens both on Earth and our moon. At 334.8 MB I had to have a look. 

Below is what I found when I looked at the photo that Streetcap1 found the pyramid in. I came across metallic structure that looks new. Its shiny, which indicates metallic skin. Its not covered in dust unlike its surroundings. This is an active alien base. 

I found this base in the dead center of the photo link. It is an unmistakeable structure. SCW

NASA photo states:
Western wall of Ryder crater, with prominent fallback ejecta and impact melt. Image width is ~2.7 km.


  1. Obvious pyramid. Why is the media not reporting this?


  3. The pyramid is clearly very interesting indeed. Straight lines on the moon? Very nice find.

    The other picture just looks like rocks, as usual for this site.

    1. The initial damaging of war destruction on regions of mars including Erosion from water flooding, sun & winds, as a result & perhaps there's rain occasionally on mars too i strongly feel, for thousands of yr's will have ancient DESTROYED & SCATTERED artifacts look like ordinary rocks now until further close up study is done imo....

      I also strongly feel as i put my RV attention on mars surface is that, now brace yourselves @ your control modules Scott & Crew, that there are regions on mars were ancient statues & monuments including amazing tech have not been totally destroyed OR not destroyed @ all, & NASA as usual is not sayin a darn word about this to the gen global masses here that would indicate a culture & races of humanoids that's connected w/US that for a number of social, & earth based religious, economic & political reasons that imo would put this worlds religious pwr brokers & not to mention the Global Robber Barons & there global financial scamming networks to total shame..

      So again ill say crew that as a result, after Hi energy wars, tens of thousands of yr's ago including weather erosion ect, I do believe that a good number of statues, ornaments, broken & destroyed technology ect are NOW LOOKING LIKE ROCKS to a number of US on this blog site @ 1st glance on various regions of mars surface UC.....

  4. My guess is that the same group of ET masons were even responsible for the pyramids on planets thru out this solar system including are home planet earth....

  5. I'm not convinced. Here are some additional LRO crater shots of Ryder Crater from Arizona State University LRO Camera page.


    In the first image the pyramid is clearly visible in the upper left quadrant of the first image. There are many bright colored sharp-edged rocks here that are obviously remnants of the impact, and it looks like the pyramid is part of that debris field

    Here are some other images of the area, with yet another claim.

    I haven't seen anything in these images that can be positively identified as a structure. I am seeing a lot of rocks with striation. Striation occurs in nature when two rocks slide past each other and create grooves. In this case it looks like a large meteorite with Striation patterns impacted and broke up. Looks to me like some of the light colored smaller fragments came down later and impacted into the crater itself.The "rain of debris" if you will.

    There is plenty of sharp angles in the light rock that leads me to believe that it is some type of granite or gneiss. Still nothing artificial or"alien"about that.

    Show me a pyramid with some doors or windows, or a cut stairway, then I'd be impressed.

    All these pictures, just shots of debris from a recent impact.


  6. Oh, and for scale, the shadow in the first image is about 1.3 Km across


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