Pyramid and Moon Shape Base On Earths Moon, Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2, 2015
Location of discovery: Ryder Crater, Earths Moon
NASA photo: http://wms.lroc.asu.edu/lroc_browse/view/M169630027RE

This was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He has an eye for catching archaeological discoveries using NASA photos. This is a rare photo of the far side of Earths moon. This pyramid is a clear evidence of ancient aliens both on Earth and our moon. At 334.8 MB I had to have a look. 

Below is what I found when I looked at the photo that Streetcap1 found the pyramid in. I came across metallic structure that looks new. Its shiny, which indicates metallic skin. Its not covered in dust unlike its surroundings. This is an active alien base. 

I found this base in the dead center of the photo link. It is an unmistakeable structure. SCW

NASA photo states:
Western wall of Ryder crater, with prominent fallback ejecta and impact melt. Image width is ~2.7 km.