UFO Sighting Over Massachusetts Spells Out Morse Code, Jan 14, 2015, video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 14, 2015
Location of sighting: Western Massachusetts, USA

Lets explore why I say this looks real. 

1st, fake videos are hard to make, frame by frame and are usually 10-15 seconds long and in HD. This video is not HD quality, nor is it short, being 1 minute 45 seconds. 

2nd, you hear some people talking excitedly about them and even hear one woman saying OMG many times, because she was overly excited about it. Actors usually won't say the same thing over and over, instead actors will change words. 

3rd, back in 1989-1990 when I was in the Strategic Air Command USAF base (high security due to having hundreds of nuclear missiles and dozens of B-1 bombers.) I saw over 25 UFO orbs just like this glowing giant orb. So I know they exist, because me and thousands of others saw these UFOs during a clear afternoon over Rapid City, South Dakota. 

4th, we recently saw a similar UFO orb (large) over "Dome of the Rock," in Jerusalem...the most sacred place in their country on Jan 28, 2011 which was witnessed by thousands and recorded by dozens of tourists from different locations. 

What I am  saying here is this has all the indications of being real. Not a drones, not the USAF or TR3Bs, but real alien ships. 

Also note, it seems that they spell out morse code, however unlikely it might be. The big ship being a dash and the small being dots. This is what I got, but I am not fluent in morse code so you may have a better solution.  The first is the word END, after that it doesn't make sense. I will tell you this, starting out a message with the word END does not sound like good news. If you know what the message is please tell us in comments below. Thanks, SCW

EL=.  ._..     (not sure on this one)
ESE or ASN= .  ...  . (not sure on this one)