Bright Light In Taiwan sky turns night into day, then vanishes, Feb 4, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Feb 4, 2014
Location of sighting: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hi everyone. I live in Taiwan and am about 30 miles away from the plane accident that happened today. When I left work with my wife and son at 8:15pm tonight, as we were walking home my son pointed to the sky and asked what that bright light was. I looked up and the sky was dark everywhere except one area that was lit up like the sun was behind it. My wife asked what it was and I had no idea. A minute later the light vanished like someone had hit a switch and turned it off. I had never seen anything like it. We don't have spotlights or airports nearby. My wife said something that made a lot of sense. After the light turned off we began walking home again, she said, "its as if they knew we were watching them," referring to the light just switching of in the sky.  Yeah...thats exactly what I was thinking. I almost didn't share this with you guys, but what if its related to the plane? Perhaps aliens are recording the emotions of the people of Taiwan, monitoring how they react to the horrible loss. I just don't know. But I saw what I saw. I didn't have time for a video. It happened to quickly. SCW


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    1. No, not white like the moon, but yellow like the sunset. I thought of that, but no. Maybe a big meteor passing the other side of the clouds.

  2. I totally understand that feeling me and my boyfriend felt like we were being watched n then it disappeared n reapeared right over our heads . Scarry shit.

  3. Maybe the sky is a hologram? The weird thing is the moon isn't what we're told it to be. Have you ever noticed in really old history the moon is almost always a crescent moon. You can control the moon with the power of your heart chackra, everyone can. This happened when I was walking on new years my heart was at its highest of positive emotions the moon was bright, I looked up and guess what I saw? The moon was following me! Not following me as in view of the moon I mean following me as in its moving quickly across the sky while im walking! When I stopped walking to see if it stops it didn't! It kept inching closer to me trying to position itself above me. I was fun to make it move nothing bad happened it just was held onto my heart temporarily. The only time when the moon is like this is when you are feeling very happy or excited or when your heart is strong enough to emit energy to its surroundings. There's a video on this happening called I think what the fu¢k is happening to our world?! Holograms, chemtrails, some other stuff I forget. Well you know the funny thing is my name is Cynthia and today is February 4, 2015 and I didn't even know this website existed until today. Weird coincidence huh?

  4. Oh wait never mind typo its the same day.

  5. My thoughts are with the family's that lost their loved ones today . May they all rest in peace.

  6. Man this guy catches so so much. Would suck if he wasnt working so hard doing what he does


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