Video! Cigar UFO Over Volcano Popocatepetl On Feb 15, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Time: Feb 15, 2015 09:04:03
Location of sighting: Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico
Shape of UFO: Cigar
Live cam: http://www.webcamsdemexico.com/webcam-popocatepetl-amecameca.html

I found this UFO in the volcano archives this morning. It was only a few hours old and shows a dark cigar UFO over the volcano near the clouds. This object matches past UFOs seen over the mouth that were also cigar shaped. I have been keeping and eye on this live cam for over 5 years now and I have reported over 50 UFOs over it since then. If you want to catch a UFO, use todays tech (live cams) to find them. Live cams allows you to be everywhere at once. SCW


  1. Have you heard any recent news on the new dwarf planet Ceres? From the reports I've read, it is likely that it has high water content in the form of ice.

  2. You will believe it, after you see it. The God makes the universe with many kinds of living creatures.

    1. Yes yes there's all kinds of intelligent critters out there apa aja, & some of there ships such as this cigar model shown here is emitting imo "Energy Fields" that some cam lenses i've noticed over the yr's seem to pic up, & i do NOT believe crew mates that its "Photo Shopped" that some bloggers here claims by the appearance of those lines of energy surrounding what i believe is one of there transport/personnel/eguip & smaller craft carriers in & around that volcano base region & nearby waters by that particular group of ET's...

      The cigar carriers are not only deep space star ships in there own right but also deep underwater submarine stations in worlds where deep oceans exist if need be that can withstand underwater distances that even are biggest & baddess subs we have on earth cannot accomplish...


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