UFO Formation Sending Flashes in Brazil▬OVNI,s en Rio de Janeiro Brasil 24/03/2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 24, 2015
Location of sighting: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This video just came out of a sighting in Brazil. I am a little disappointed that there is no eyewitness testimony of the sighting. If a person does not claim to have taken the video and telling us what they saw and what occurred, then I begin to feel skeptical of the sighting. Interesting, but I am looking for more info on it. SCW


  1. Well, my friend, I was there and it was pretty weird. The video shows all of it, though I don't know who has taken. I wasn't alone. With me I had three friends and other unknown people. At first, we tried to believe it was something like a balloon throwing flags, but that was our trial to make things reasonable. What we saw was something we couldn't understand, nor could those around us, so we just stared for a long while until it started to fade and we couldn't see anymore. This was the vision: Lights (most red, but there was some small changes along the time. Also green lights, as you can see in the video) falling down from the sky at a slow pace. Sometimes they were lined up in 6 ~ 7 lights, sometimes there was one or two balls together, kind of stopped in the air. Also we had the impression that they were going up at times, and that made us think that there was some kind of rope in which they sliced down, so the wind could change the direction. These lights also moved in the same direction as the source. It was really weird, and the true is that I have no clue about what it was. I've never came up to your website, but searching for news about this fact, I ended up here. I don't think I can help much but saying that I am an eyewitness. I was there, I've seen and this video shows it as it was. Greetings from Brazil

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  3. ..and it happened again tonight while we were in a bar along Copacabana beach!!! does anyone know what is this flying object? Exactly the same description as the above comment. We also took a video!

  4. Hi,

    Looking for information on what we saw last night, we ended up on your website and the video above shows the same thing that we saw (my wife and I) in Rio de Janeiro downtown. I was in the street at 00:20 on the night of February 14 and I saw lights (about 15 of them, red, green and white), some flashing and others not. They stayed in a fixed position forming a sort of stripe. I showed it to my spouse and she saw the same thing. 30 seconds later, the lights disappeared one by one only to reappear one minute later, one by one again. It was disappearing again when we saw a taxi driver whom we asked what it was according to him. At this moment, he saw the only 3 white flashing lights that were left and he thought it was a plane. I tried to explain to him that the chain of lights had been much longer a couple of minutes before that and I asked him to wait for it to show up again but it never reappeared and the lights I had seen at the beginning faded too. I stayed with my wife outside for 5 more minutes but the lights never came back.

    This morning we carefully observed the sky in the place we had seen the phenomenon last night, and we can testify that there were no buildings, no hills, it was just above us in an unobstructed sky.

    I didn't take any pictures (I just didn't think about it) but it really resembled the video shown above. The only difference is that the chain of lights was not moving, it stayed in the same position.


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