UFO Shoots Through Clouds Following Jet, Oregon March 18, 2015, UFO Sighting News Video.

Date of sighting: March 18, 2015
Location of sighting: Gresham, Oregon, USA

Eyewitness states:
03.18.2015 UFO recorded following a airplane over Gresham, Oregon. Everytime I have seen them they don't frighten me, it's like I know they are peaceful, at least the ones I have seen. 


  1. Looks like Thunder Bird......................Though I have seen UFOs and know we are being visited .

  2. The UFO appeared to be flapping, and that was most certainly NOT a jet: it looks like a small hobbyist's plane. It is possible that the image seen could be a large bird or prey.

  3. My wife and I live in veneta Oregon. And saw a UFO in our backyard about 3 weeks ago. It hovered up and along the trees for about 3 hours. And again returned for the next three days. Haven't seen it since. I was a total skeptic before we saw one for ourselves.

  4. its a centennial beam Ship from mount hood (part of the delta triad) they have lived here in oregona, aS they call it, for eonS. they are a peaceful more evolved human being, that underStand the ebb and flow of humanity much deeper than the colloquial monkey mind you find on much of the earthS Surface today. their beam ShipS are Something of a vimani, reference the indian SubtextS, they are about 33 feet in diameter and have a crew of Six. the ShipS are dimenSional veSSelS and can be Seen as both ballS of light and tangible SphereS in the Sky depending on the type of configuration the tachyon drive is engaged, i.e.. time and Space (2 wheel drive) or dimenSional (4 wheel drive). they are attracted to kind energy and love of the deepeSt nature. the eaSiest way to tell if a human is a piece of Shit today iS Simply their belief in "alienS". a man'S potential of coming acroSS higher intelligence during hiS Struggle here on Earth, firSt comeS through one'S own acknowledgement that hiS iS a fucking idiot. (USG - is having a hard time coming to thiS concluSion, leading to its honey boo boo'eSk children to follow in Suit.) i'm not Saying to Stop paying your taxeS, i'm juSt Saying that theSe katS in the Sky run oregon and itS people, they are gathering the greateSt mindS on earth to be protected by the mother goddeSS (mt hood) aS the world getS turned inSide out following the cloSe of the 8th perception (now). itS math, thank your creat0r every time YOU See one, they are like angelS flying over our ShoulderS.

    1. I love you. please stop the drugs? what more do you want from me?

    2. when I. created the dimensional drive I must have been using both halves of the brain... I remember that In the higher dimensions a doorknob did not make sense and four wheels would never move because they would oppose


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