UFO Appears In Orbit With Space Station On April 22, 2015, @NASA Live Cam footage, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 22, 2015
Location of sighting: Earths orbit 

On April 22 Streetcap1 of Youtube was taking a look at the live NASA space station cam when he caught glimpse of a small metallic disk in the distance. At first it looks like the disk is moving, but I believe it has matched speed with the space station. The movement is caused by the camera changing angle and moving to the left into a new view. You can see the camera arm (white) moving with it. Now this is where you say, "Scott...that UFO isn't moving, how do you know its a UFO if it docent move?" Good question, actually the Space station is in orbit moving at 7.66km per second, or 26,000km per hour. Thats fast and that means if this UFO looks like its not moving its because its matched speed with the space station, therefore its moving at 26,000km per hour. So its moving. SCW


  1. It would make sense for it to match the speed of the space station if it is observing it.

  2. I have seen the same in fact today morning when I was watching live feed. To be honest guys, it does look to be a UFO rather some other satellite?
    You are right it is matching the speed of ISS. Needs more investigation!

  3. It sure looks little whatever it is. :/

  4. I have seen the same number of times, it is always on the side cam.
    Secondly how can I submit images on this website so experts could verify them. I watch live feed every morning while having my coffee :) I have see some smokey waves today in Earth upper atmosphere as shown on ISS live feed. Not sure what it could be but it was not same shape, in few minutes it changed the shape. It does not look like cloud. So Scot can I please have the email address where I could send you these images taken today?


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