UFO Performs For Mining Workers Over Chile On April 14, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 14, 2015
Location of sighting: Minas de Cerro Colorado, Chile

In this short video we get a glimpse of a glowing UFO that looks a lot like the O'Hare airport UFO seen back in Nov of 2006. This glowing (as they stated in the video) UFO moves fast back and forth. It seems aware that the working crew are watching it, so it comes back to give them a slightly better view. Its a disk with a raised center...a classic design. The area looks like a mining facility with many heavy dump trucks to carrying the dirt to have it processed. The UFO seems to be interested in the reactions of the workers...because they don't feel fear, but had the opposite feelings. Its my belief from many UFO reports from eyewitnesses that some alien UFOs have the ability to read feelings and thoughts from a long ways away.  Awesome UFO catch, and although it is short, I am confident it is real. SCW

This UFO Was also seen back in 2014, but in a different city location. But also by mining workers. 


  1. scw,you are posting sightings on a daily basis now, do you think we are getting close to full disclosure?

  2. Hi - the video is a fake/set-up.
    Actually, there are a few slides and explanation with regard to how it was made (it is Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport reflection of an object)

    1. Thanks for letting us know. It sure had me fooled.

  3. Your site has good material. This will
    Just make people confused.
    Thank you

  4. Non believers are so nieve... Lol common sense should say something to you... But I guess common sense is dying hard.

  5. One thing... We'll never have full disclosure because the government and religion would pretty much collapse and total anarchy would ensue...

    1. HELLO...

      And and YES, they would indeed become quite a BIG BIG global problem to the civilized & conscious expanding ready world if disclosure happens, HELL instead of a total collaspe I expect chaos & bloodshed purposely started from those two main groups 1st before they fall, whose whose whole paridigm of reality OVERNIGHT had turned totally suddenly & shockingly TOPSY TURVY in there eyes...

      Yes i do belive that the Global Robber Barons would rather destroy the majority of humanity on earth before it sees ANY Belevolent other worldly intelligences teach earth humanity how to swim the universe EVOLVED...

      No in my estimation a business deal may have been made decades ago already w/ the very Melevolent group of beings that have shared tech w/ those same gealous & possessive earth human elites & there scientific & military research prog's so that if disclosure happens they those elites may be awaiting a Jetson style new life on relocation sections on moon & mars thats restricted to those escaped so called earth human elites imo...


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