UFOs Over Colorado On March 31, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 31, 2015
Location of sighting: Berthoud, near Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

These interesting lights were recorded over Berthoud in Colorado. The lights move about and change. At one point they almost look like helicopters. With the high concentration of public drones available, its difficult to tell if this is a UFO or a drone. However, I want to remind you that thousand of people including police have recently seen glowing white balls of during the day (few months ago). So is probably those same ball UFOs, but at night. SCW

She also caught one of these orbs during the day back in Feb 2015. Check this video out. Mind-blowing. 


  1. Aircraft on approach to Denver International...

  2. This is happening all over colorado springs look at the mountain.check out my video me my girl and ufos.

  3. We just camped in Deckers, CO and witnessed this for the first time last night, 8/1/15. While sitting around the campfire, we were all admiring the night sky. There was a bright triangle of "stars" in the same place with a 4th right by it that was very obvious but we didn't think twice about it. A plane heading to DIA passed this group of "lights" or "stars" and then suddenly the floating light not in the triangle formation started trailing the airplane. It did not flash, flicker or move in a perfectly straight line. It almost had a wobbley hovering motion. It stayed behind the plane for a long time, then blinked out and disappeared? Myself and 3 others all witnessed this and are blown away.

  4. I was staying in a cabin up in Estas Park Co.On the Nite of Jan 31 2013. Around 10:30pm. I was in my bed,star gazing thru a window whaile lying down.Just as I was getting ready to close my eyes, I noticed a white ball of light just abouve the trees about 2 ft away. I aowke my Husband. As we were watching, (scared to even move for my camera) another white ball of lite appeared next to the first one. they seemed to pulsate erractically. They seemed to me to be communicating to each other..then both lights went out..no sound, only went out..Six mths later We had the Big Thompson Flood..Devastaing all in its way..Coincidence?? I don't think so..


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