Alien Ship Offers Assistance To Apollo 13 Crew In NASA Photo, May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 25, 2015
Location of discovery: Between Earth and moon
NASA photo: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/images/print/AS13/59/8528.jpg
NASA Mission: Apollo 13

This amazing catch of a UFO visiting Apollo 13 module was found by Youtube user Streetcap1 of Youtube. As you know already, the Apollo 13 crew were having trouble and barely made it home. This leaves 3 interesting possibilities. 

1. NASA called a species of aliens to ask for help. 
2. The alien craft was observing in case they needed to offer assistance.
3. Just pure scientific observation. 


  1. OK, so who took the photo?
    Perhaps it was the same chap who took unexplained remote panned videos and photos on Mars and the Moon?
    Those pesky beach photographers get everywhere.
    Watch the birdie! Smile please!
    Proof seeker.

  2. Photo was taken by command modual after service modual was jettisoned.

    1. Doesn't make sense. The Command module (and the Lunar module) is where the crew survived the ordeal; the Service module is the part with the engines, fuel & O2 (and the module which had the failure). They remained attached (the Command/Lunar module) to the Service module until they neared Earth and prepared for re-entry.

      I have a hard time seeing this image - Scott, this looks like the same photo you presented last week, of Apollo 15 - was that a typo? But regardless, the only time a remote photo of the Command/Service module could be taken would have been from the Lunar module (LEM), and the only time it was separated from the Command/Service module was when it was unmanned, being unpacked from the Main Apollo stage, so they could dock the Command module with it, to transfer the landing team (Jim Lovell/ Fred Haise). I do not believe it (LEM) had a camera for shooting a photo unless a person was doing that from inside the craft (but I could be wrong). FYI, my dad worked on Apollo for NASA, and we lived in Houston during the 60's, so I knew a good amount about the Space program.

      I would yank this photo Scott - I can't resolve it for shit, and the part you label as "NASA Apollo 13" is too hard to identify, so you need to magnify that (and lose "NASA", which is unnecessary for this purpose, unless it's dis-info....

      Dr. Moebius

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    1. Thats a question you need to ask nasa. Go to twitter and ask them. Their name is @NASA

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