UFO Makes 180 Degree Turn Over Surface Of Ceres Over Glass Structures, May 4, 2015, -NAS Video- UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 4, 2015 (date of image)
Location of sighting: Ceres

Check out the black oval UFO that shoots around the crater in the photos of Ceres. The UFO actually makes a 180 degree turn, which is 100% proof that its not a meteor and not the shadow of the satellite. Aliens are watching that area. This is more proof that the white objects are structures.
Finally we get some close up shots of Ceres and the glowing white spots on it. The shiny areas have been altered to be blurred by NASA. They do not want the public to see these glowing structures and therefore use photoshop to take away any detail. 

However, I have noticed that there are some glass-like structures on the Earths moon (I found myself) and they look this color when photographed. Its possible the human eye would see these as structures, but the digital eye gets overwhelmed by the reflective light off the glass of the structures. I experienced this when I tried to prove some glass pyramids existed near Deporte Crater, only to have my photos come out this way on my camera. I use an HD camera to analyze moon photos, (it fixes or redigitalizes the photos up to 95% original). Good to look at, but hard to photograph. SCW