Many Ancient Faces Seen On Mars By Rover, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source Photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/1/n/4006/1N483822829EFFCN55P1823R0M1.JPG

 Below, several faces mashed together.
 Below is a statue of a standing alien.

Now a lot of people will have trouble seeing the faces in this photo. Its like when my friend took me out pheasant hunting and he pointed at the bird in the tall yellow grass and I saw nothing. It takes experience at finding them. Same goes for everything in life. My masters degree in Counseling Ed, explains to me the mind sees what it wants to sometimes, but this is not a freak show, but a real area of science that has long gone overlooked.

When a face is found, 25% of the time it has other faces surrounding it or even within it. You have to think on higher levels, art within art. Its part of the fun isn't it? Have you ever seen a drawing of an old woman, but look at it longer and you will see a young woman. Thats because the artist was thinking on a higher level than most people. Its not the imagination, its real. Do you tell the guy at the museum that its his imagination, when he tells you there is a young girl and old girl in the same painting, but you only see one? Whose the expert and whose the amateur? Did I tell my friend hunting that he was crazy? No...I knew he had experience that I didn't have. Think about it. SCW 

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  1. That blk & wht pic of a old lady reminds me of the late ex bettle memberJohn Lenin, Mu Ha Ha...


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