UFO over Hungerford, England Makes Local News, On June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 2015
Location of sighting: Hungerforrd, England
News Source: http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/home/14804/UFO-spotted-over-Hungerford.html
Newbury Today UK News States:
WHAT is this strange object in the night sky over Hungerford?

Newbury Weekly News reader Vanessa Cloete snapped this image, and many more like it, of an unidentified aerial phenomenon above her home in the Charnham Park vicinity.
And it wasn’t a one-off.

Ms Cloete, who works night shifts, first saw the object several weeks ago and was amazed when it returned – not once, but several times.

On the last occasion, she said: “I was so fascinated I went and knocked for my neighbours. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and got their camera to take stills and video images.
“The strange thing is that it seems to change shape and sometimes is surrounded by green lights and, sometimes, blue. I first saw it out of my bedroom window.”

Ms Cloete is adamant that the object is not the planet Venus because it moves rapidly around the night sky.

She said: “Whatever it is, it’s round and sometimes flashes. It stays in the sky for up to an hour before suddenly vanishing. I think I’ve seen it more than most because of the shifts I work.”

The object was last seen on Friday, April 29.
Since the story was published in the Hungedrford edition of this week's Newbury Weekly News, more residents have come forward to say they had seen the mystery object too. One reader sent their own photograph of the mysterious phenomenon.

But none could offer an explanation for what they had seen. 


  1. I do not think this is a flying object lately i heard about many of these kind, first thing that comes up in me is that it could be a portal, like the witness stated " sometimes flashes. It stays in the sky for up to an hour before suddenly vanishing" in the close up it also looks like some smoke of any kind the witness also mentioend it came back, i wonder or it was on the exact same spot if it is, i just think it is a portal nice catch i must say

  2. I agree could be a portal. Since it is stationary. There are portals all over the world . so this is a likely possibility. But again we are guessing at this point at all the wondrous sightings from the heavens


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