UFO Caught By Digital Camera During Sunset In Norfolk, England On June 21, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2015
Location of sighting: Hemsby, Norfolk, England
News Source:  http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Haverhill-man-takes-best-UFO-picture-taken/story-27457340-detail/story.html#1

Sunset is the most common time of the day that people report UFO sightings. In this sighting the camera caught it, because its digital eye is more perfect than our human eye. During sunset, UFOs cloaks are most vulnerable, due to the position of the sun. This cloak photo show the rays bending around the UFO, but the sunlight comes from the right, not above. This causes the UFO to be visible. SCW
News states:
A holiday snap has been hailed the "best UFO picture that's ever been taken". The photograph of a Norfolk sunset was taken by a Haverhill man to use as his screensaver to remind him of his holiday – but his cousin believes he has captured a UFO, possibly carrying intelligent life, and the worm hole from where it came from. The images were released by the cousin Andrew Leach after reading about the £64 million project, backed by Cambridge physicist Prof Stephen Hawking, to search for intelligent life in yesterday's News. Two pictures were taken at Hemsby in Norfolk shortly after 9pm during the summer solstice on June 21. 

The photographer, who did not want to be named, said: "I have no idea if it's a UFO or not but I'd like it to be analysed. I wouldn't like to say either way but it's certainly got me thinking." Andrew, from Burwell, believes the picture shows a UFO in front of the sunset with the worm hole it emerged from in the top left of the image. The 46-year-old said: "He was only trying to get a picture of a sunset to use as a screensaver and he got the best UFO picture that's ever been taken." (More at source.)


  1. Hello I have a photo sequence of 3 shots in which the 2nd pic shows the object and the 3rd one shows the object with what looks like a hole punched thru the clouds above. Its kinda the same story as these guys in that I took pictures and at no time did i notice the object. but It was during the sunrise. I was facing west when these were taken to get some good photos of the clouds. IDK if this is something u would like 2c. I also dont know if u have my info when i created an account. so one of them is dudspost7@ gmail. I dont want my email shown nor my name should this go any further. I also feel this several other sightings Ive seen aswell as having a very rare brain tumor. I really dont know but theres always something pushing me to explore this feeling I get. IDK at all really but would like to see some answers or more good clues to whats going on in the thing we call the universe maybe connected to

  2. What is the object in from of the sun? there is no mention of a second UFO but it appears to be one...or is that the "warp hole?" because it looks more like a craft, the top isn't as wide as the bottom of the disk. buy no visible metal sheen but the sun is directly behind it. i'm more astounded by it than the ufo one the left, but the light shining from it onto the clouds is very amazing. the other is a perfect silhouette.

  3. "I have no idea if it's a UFO".

    Ok listen up. If there is a an object flying in the sky that can not be identified then it is by definition a UFO (unidentified flying object). I have no idea why so many people are confused about this but I read it all the time.

    Also calling this the best UFO picture ever taken is just plain wrong.

  4. How is a completely ordinary lens flare 'the best UFO picture ever taken,'?

  5. Hate to do this to ya, but there is a high chance that this is a lens flare. No camera likes being pointed into the sun, there are many glass surfaces within modern camera lenses with up to 15 glass elements. If the witness did not see the UFO at the time then that if further evidence that there was nothing there and that this effect was caused in camera. In the first photo you can even see a more faint semi circular flare arc closer to the sun.

    Again I love your site, some of the UFO sightings you put up ARE AMAZING AND REAL, but some are just not strong evidence of aliens/ UFOs.

  6. there is still an anomaly in front of the sun, sorry about my other post i had a lot of misprints.

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