Beautiful UFO Followed By Hive Of Tiny Drones In Tijuana, Mexico, July 17, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

 Can you see the drone orb in the photo below?

Date of sighting: July 17, 2015
Location of sighting: Tijuana, Mexico

Something that most people will miss about this UFO sighting that proves its real. Many UFO reports of eyewitnesses who saw them close up and even landing or taking off in front of them say that they saw tiny orbs flying all around the UFO. These orbs are from marble size to baseball size. They are drones. They are part of the ship that guide and protect it...think the ultimate radar defense system. We see these orbs if you stop the video. Look at them, they move incredibly fast and change postings in a geometric pattern. 

There is not a lot of info to go along with this sightings, but many people may believe that only LED lights on kites look this way. That is a big mistake. Many UFO have lights like these and sometimes the UFOs are so colorful, its like looking at a rainbow. This object is very beautiful for sure and Mexico, as you already know, is home of many alien bases. SCW


  1. OOoo my god. i really want to see with my own eye ,maybe i should take a trip to mexico ,

  2. If you ever seen the x-files it could simply be bugs by an electomagnetic feild

  3. OOoo my god . http://www.skyovnis.com/

  4. Nice can see the telephone poles pass over it as it flies off. Beautiful ship


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