‘UFO’ which looks like a cloud but flies like a plane captured above Philadelphia, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2015
Location of sighting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
News Source: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/ufo-which-looks-like-a-cloud-but-flies-like-a-plane-captured-above-new-york-city/story-e6frflri-1227433516771

For the longest time I have tried to teach people that some UFOs can form clouds around them and that some of these clouds are like a hologram. Here we have an example of a UFO using a holographic cloak to make it appear as a cloud. This appears real and I cannot detect any CGI in the video. I did test some screenshots, but it came out negative. Looks real and if so, may be the most significant UFO footage this year. SCW

News states:
A MAN has captured the moment a ‘cloud looking’ formation with lights hovered over his home before flying away. But others claim it is a UFO. Hector Garcia said that the cloud, filled with flashing lights, flew off like a spacecraft as he filmed it from a window. “Looking out my window this morning there was a cloud coming down from the sky with sparkling lights in it was moving weird so I pulled my phone out,” he wrote on his YouTube post.

Social media users were quick to react. ‘It looks like a large mass of soap suds to me and not a cloud. Not sure how this would’ve become air born. Perhaps it blew off of some industrial site?’ one person wrote. ‘This is a UFO... its unidentified, it’s flying, and it is indeed an object,’ another added.


  1. Great catch! That is the coolest thing I have ever witnessed. Do you know of any other sighting that we can watch? Keep your eyes on the skies.

  2. Yes I agree, all signs point to a legit video. One of the best I've seen if indeed real

  3. Doctored IMO. Red flag came up as it went through the power lines and began to get grainy, also as it pulsed prior to zooming in.

  4. I've seen a ton of them among the stars, and many 'down here', but this one is a classic! Yes, it's merely a holographic trick they can easily employ during a close 'observation' maneuver, especially during the day. ...And someone finally caught it on video! Bravo!

  5. if its a cgi. then its a really good one the grain around the post is just artifacts i think. its very difficult to cut out cables etc and its all even harder to do with grainy video. also at the end how it merges with the clouds in colour and tone amazing. however someone in our cgi team though it could also be a giant plastic sheet caught in the wind and bits of it reflecting the sun with little flashes it was a pretty wierd way to pilot a space ship compared to many recent posting which show ufos flying on trajectories. personally i dont think its a cgi


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