Alien Structures On Moon On Google Moon Map, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

 Found at 85° 1'11.41"S 23°47'52.05"W

Date of discovery: Sept 7, 2015
Location of discovery: Earths moon
Coordinates: 83°11'51.53"S 46°47'52.19"W

I found these structures on Google Moon. I highlighted them to try to make you see what I see. Its very different when you view it on Google Moon. If you don't believer me, try it. Copy and paste the coordinates into Google Moon Map search box.  It looks better and more clear if you do. If you find it, please tell us in comments below.  
Scott C. Waring


  1. Very cool but what's the blue highlight?.... Google, Chinese moon buildings.. The first pic is of a perfectly clear photo of a factory /mine! And it gets better, after you see them you can really tell how much NASA has really lied and covered they're maps so much it looks so different to China's maps! It's a disgrace we have to look at India, Japan china and Russia for the TRUTH!

    1. The blue highlight is a separate white ceramic-like building. These are less common and it was a different color with a square door in it, so I made it a different color. The yellow, is harder to make out for most people. Its small compact black structures, that mimic hills, but are 100% alien made. They are stealth black in color, and sometimes have small metallic buildings around their edges, but not in this one.

  2. There's no humans on the moon just aliens

  3. Cool got it, yes your highlights are vhelpful mostly I see it without the need but sometimes u stump me and I'll admit some things I would have totally missed if u didn't point it out,.... Ask google.. Chinese moon buildings. You'll get a cool surprise on your first pic

  4. Again this type screen wouldn't come up. On our national news, we only have channels 7, 9 and 10 they showed what looked to be a cluster of comets hitting our atmosphere and said it was over Mexico and said it was Russian space junk.. None of it seemed believable in they're reasons, very similar to the daytime sighting but there were heaps at night but the same time frame as your daytime sighting, (if that makes sense.) have u googled Chinese moon buildings yet mate?

  5. Hi Scott. I have no doubt about the existence of structures or bases on the moon. To complete your wonderful work I send this video made by Marcelo Irazusta and I posted on my channel.
    27 ° 39'56.30 "N 2 ° 16'16.46" E
    27 ° 43'49.76 "N 1 36'40.82" E
    27 ° 49'27.38 "N 0 ° 45'04.37" E
    27 ° 52'45.66 "N 0 ° 03'47.65" E
    20 ° 31'16.49 "N 14 ° 28'04.56" E


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