Aliens could be trying to contact Earth, but humans may not be able to pick up the signals Say SETI, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of announcement: September 17, 2015
News source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3239085/Super-intelligent-aliens-trying-contact-Earth-humans-stupid-hear-says-Seti-s-scientist.html

DailyMail.com states:
At this very moment, an advanced alien civilisation may be trying contact Earth. But despite our best efforts, we could be oblivious to their messages because humanity do not yet have the means to pick up the signals. This is according to Dr Nathalie Cabrol, who is leading the hunt for alien life at the Seti Institute in California. Speaking to DailyMail.com, Dr Cabrol said we are getting closer to finding both microbial life in our solar system and intelligent life elsewhere. 
She believes, in our lifetime, we'll find simple alien organisms close to Earth and a replica of our planet in another galaxy. Finding intelligent life, however, may not be as easy - largely because of our own limited view of the universe. 'See how much progress we have made in the past 100 years,' said Dr Cabrol. 'If there is a civilisation out there that is only 1,000 years older than we are, who knows what type of technology, or what type of process, they’ve put into communicating with others. (Much more at source).


  1. Edward snowden said this in the interview he did at the new York university via the new computer robots theyre starting to use, he was in Russia and was quoted saying your headline. He has released alien information in his data dump, vlad putin stated when snowden downloaded the government information he stopped just before all the 9/11 inside job data. But putin has released that anyway.

  2. I believe they can contact us through telekinesis,i also believe they are quite selective of when why & who?.

    1. They contact lots of people on our planet all the time - and have for ages. They are here ..

  3. Thanks SETI but EDward Snowden beat you to it...

  4. You realize you comment on every post . Appreciate the effort but stop the trolling.

  5. You realize that you comment on every single post. Appreciate the effort you give but stop trolling.

  6. But yea you have some good feedback lol. I believe we are within a few years of legit communication. But I also believe there is already communication with government hierarchy. It's just a shame our tax dollars are being spent for the benefit of officials and meanwhile we get told absolutely nothing.

  7. already happened. ufo's have already contacted me. when why whom? that's me. maybe they contact me at certain time for certain purpose. never thought of that. thought it might be fortuitous or ''random''. saw light flash month ago. ''SETI'' people haven't seen aliens so they just speculate. they have no standing to real alien contacts like me ,jeff willes, alex ''polished knob ufo you tube'' guy. jeff woolwine . these are real contacts who know.


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