UFO Descends Near Moon During Eclipse, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Location of sighting: Sept 27, 2015
Source: MUFON #70934

Here is a cool sighting of an object near the moon during the eclipse. The object was seen with the naked eye and in the photo it looks like a partially visible disk. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
My husband and I kept going outside to see the different phases of the eclipse last night (Sept. 27 2015) We saw that high above the moon was a very bright object. Very very bright, we thought maybe it was a planet or star or something like that. Then we realized it looked like it was reflecting the light of the moon. Over 20-25 minutes it descended and then was just gone. I took several pictures of it with my cell phone. We have a friend in Colorado who was also watching the eclipse and he didn't see anything in the sky like what we saw. At first I assumed it was some natural phenomenon but the more we watched the less it looked like anything else I have ever seen in the sky. Looking back at the pictures I still can't be sure what it is, that is why I am filing this report. We looked outside every few minutes, it kept getting lower and lower...seemingly closer to the moon and then it disappeared. I made a collage photo of some of the different elevations...the third pic in the collage is just a cropped version of one of the others. I have several pics on my phone if you would like anymore. I added one of the single pictures, currently having trouble uploading the rest...but i have them and can send later if you want them.


  1. a lady I work with saw and photographed the same thing. She showed me this morning and I kind of laughed it off but this is making me think twice.

    1. That would be cool having someone show me such a thing at work. People were I work are boring. If you get the photo, put it on Facebook or Instagram and put the URL here. We would love to see it.

    2. Sorry for the double post I'll try to get the URL for the pic today

  2. a lady I work with saw and photographed the same thing. She showed me this morning and I kind of laughed it off but this is making me think twice.

  3. i'm a believer,or better a knower !
    But this seems more to be a cloud.matches to your description of descending and gone.but who knows.they camouflage as clouds as we know.
    They want to bring our minds to accept and realize their reallity and presence here i guess!!
    At many events they show up next to the target we want to watch.the eclipse in mexico,90th. The phoenix lights, halebob was seen. The perseides meteors, triangle flew by. Pluto is been examined now and objects flew by. Our sun full of armadas of giant motherships, although they know of our SDO (solar dynamics observatory)!!!
    They know that we are outside watching the sky and show up on purpose!!
    It's some type of "education program" to direct our consciousness about their reallity.
    Maybe a new level of our visitors begin

  4. I saw this ..I'm in Oceanside New York and was looking at the eclipse and saw this invisible craft fly by reflecting some of the moon light
    Making it a little bit visable ...I'm glad I wasn't the only who saw this

  5. http://youtu.be/q94BBEIGIRI Look closely at the clouds theres a flock of ufos watching the game

  6. I also saw this from the Cayman Islands and got a picture of something streaking through the sky right after the eclipse

  7. Interesting. I was taking pics of the moon and have the same object above the moon and off to the side of it. Hmmm.. When I get off work I'll try to upload a pic. There's a few. I thought nothing of it until seeing this persons post.

  8. My wife has a pic of the same ufo. We are in Edinburgh

  9. My wife and I witnessed something similar. We were camping outside of Phoenix. I was photographing and filming the bloodmoon for fun. We saw some (3) satellites passing by, then saw a something flash in the sky for about a second. We both thought the same thing after it flashed again and moved. It was much brighter than the stars and there was about 60 seconds time between each flash, then it would disappear. I grabbed the camera and managed to take 4 or 5 photos of it on timelapse. I just got home and checked and you can see it disappear and reappear. And it changes direction. I'll upload the photos somewhere when I get to my good computer.

  10. This must be a ufo. Looks natural pic.

  11. I told you all I'd post the pics when I had them up and I'm back to tell you I put them on my site for you guys and gals to view. Pretty similar no?


    I'm in California by the way. So that's my view.


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