Ancient Hieroglyphs Found On Mars By NASA Rover, The Final Straw, Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Nov 2013
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00198/mcam/0198MR1007020000E1_DXXX.jpg

This is another discovery by Rami Bar Ilan of Youtube. He has discovered some ancient writing on the side of some blocks on Mars. The carvings do look very similar to ancient Egyptian carvings. This is a monumental discovery, one that archeologists around the world should be taking a closer look at. A written language from another planet, its the final straw that will reveal disclosure. This is what we need to find more of. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Ive came to surmise that this is one of the examples of the ancient earth mars relationship, if youve been hearing reports of recent findings of ancient so called egyptian hieroglyphic writings found in the mid west US, & even all over this world as one example, including skeletons of giants, underwater ancient crashed supposedly ET craft ect, which partly shows to me that before our time of the wheel in earths humanity's early stages of developement, some of those powerfull & influential martian humanoid beings not to mention the other otherworlders had visited earth in its thousands yrs ago past to conduct there experiments & research, & yes advance tech was used here thousands of yrs ago before a global flood arouse to wash everthing away @ a point in earths past, yes indeed in my humbless of humbless opinion.

    I see both the martian reptilian humaniod, & the total human humanoid as being apart of earths early developemental stages, because you may need to realize that during the time of mars zenith humanity on earth nust may have been literally in the stone age, so why would it be hard to concieve that YES, to some groups of space faring martians early earth would be a second home.

  2. I'll send u a pic, I found a wall full

  3. I wrote a prolific amount of graffiti in Seattle, and based on my experience, this appears to be 3 separate tags. Pharaohs in Egypt did it, why not on Mars? What do you all think???

  4. If you zoom in on the original you can see the small boxes that appear to be pixels (?) that make up the photograph. It appears to be those boxes that are outlined in this picture to make it appear like writing. I read an article that talks about how these photographs, when taken from the original version and reformatted to jpegs, end up looking like this with these small boxes. It's difficult to tell if its a conversion issue or if it's simply something someone highlighted in order to create a specific perception.

  5. This site was recently disturbed. Observe the original image, and you'll see in the lower left, that there are some parallel zig-zag trails in the surface. Those may be from the digger, or whatever, moved the rocks.

    Also you will notice that some of the rocks have been separated from the surface so recently that their outline is fresh.

    Another interesting feature, in the middle of the newly dugout area, is a phallic column, and what appears to be a lion's head.

  6. Looks like 28 or 29. Good finding man

  7. Top of the original looks like a snake on a rock

  8. I believe that there are many other mysteries are hidden in mars. The ancient Egyptian carvings is one among them. All such findings should be studied carefully and bring out more unknown facts!

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  9. Why do you favor censorship of views that don't agree with yours Scott? You should allow open discourse on your website! The rover tracks are very obvious. It's highly unlikely those are hieroglphys in an area of clay rubble recently disturbed by rover. There may indeed be smaller stature humanoids active on Mars, so perhaps you are correct.


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