Lion and Monkey Faces Found On Mars, In Google Map, Oct 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 5, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Google Mars coordinates: 23°19'34.09"N  133°32'24.37" W

I love how others are finding the faces on Mars. This is magnificent. These two faces were found by Sandra Elena Andrade of Youtube. I do think I see a resemblance to a monkey and a lion. The monkey creature seems to have an upper ear or horn, its hard to tell. Oh, and by the way, there was a report in 2011 by a Russia aircraft tower that they recorded a UFO and tried to communicate to it, but the radio response came back sounding like large cats trying to talk. A cat species does exist. 

I also want to thank those alien researchers out there that find ancient alien artefacts. These people are changing the world. They have vision...which is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
The head of a lion and a monkey made rock from Mars is one of the most interesting findings of the investigator MARCELO IRAZUSTA. The descubriiento was conducted at NASA images of the implementation of Google Mars. The lion's head is at coordinate 23 ° 19'34.09 "N 133 ° 32'24.37" W. You can see with great clarity his eyes, ears, hair, nose and mouth along with his front paws. His head reaches 16 km. of length. Monkey head has a length of 7.8 km. The coordinates for him are 23 ° 28'10.91 "N 133 ° 23'26.66" W. Your eyes, nose, mouth, hair and ear are observed. The similarity of the two pictures with lion and monkey in the video is impressive.


  1. Disney lion looks like the teachers, and Dr suess monkey is the studenT's. Now it really is planet of the ape.

  2. stop with these faces, or better with the desire to see faces everywhere .... post useless ...

  3. Invasion UFOs in Moscow: alien drones are preparing an invasion of Moscow https://youtu.be/vTCvgdDTYAA

  4. Yes, please stop with all these face posts. Just because something might resemble a face (especially when that's what you're looking for) doesn't mean that's exactly what it is. Sometimes a rock is just a rock, even though it might look a tiny bit like a face. There's just as many examples, if not more, of mountains and various terrain on Earth looking like faces, but I don't see any posts going on about those and how ancient aliens of the distant past made these mountains specifically with these faces as monuments to long-fallen kings or any of that b.s.

    Posts like this one, especially at the high rate you seem to post them, just destroys and undoes any of the actual interesting stuff you do post, because how can we take anything you post seriously, when this is the kind of shit you seem to keep posting over and over.

  5. I agree these dates and sine random items being found on Mars is making this site boring and repetitive. Get some sleep the faces will go away...


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