Ancient Face On Pyramid Found On Mars In NASA Photo, Nov 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 17, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://pds-imaging.jpl.nasa.gov/data/msl/MSLMST_0001/EXTRAS/RDR/SURFACE/FULL/0045/0045MR0002080150102597E01_DRXX.JPG

This face was discovered by Martian Archeology of Youtube. He found several pyramids in the photo and on one of them he found a giant face. The face does resemble those found by archeologist near the Egyptian pyramids. There is also a small pyramid very close to the face and what looks like  Were these religious structures? Were they the symbols of a powerful family? I don't believe it was just for arts sake. 
Scott C. Waring


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    1. Yeah it is. Its a bit to take in, but a load of awesomeness comes with it.

    2. And awesome they are once we get to see those various un altered martian faces in various regions of mars surface, & it may also show the regional differences of the humanoid type beings of mars also, & i envision some gruesome mugs among the mix ill mention tho some quite nice looking, tho imo almost all the martian "Human Animal Hybrid" types of beings are mostly Ugmoish & more so than mars Reptilian Humanoids if ya ask for my two copper coins.

    3. This more nicer looking more human carved face reminds me of the two struggling fiqures, male & female that had experienced some parilous fate as they were trying to travel thru the martian outback...

      The war that happened on mars just may have been a result of global regional disputes between the Human Animal Hybrid Humanoids, the Reptilian Humaniods & full Human Humanoids such as this one thats carved thats likekly in his territorial region of mars were his species of humaniod resided...

      Hell, i think after awhile ancient martian cultural differences developed into a dangerous crescendo im seeing clearly now, utilzin weapons sys's thatll make DARPA wet dreams come true to light, & i now cannot see outside forces comming from somewhere else to destroy the ancient martian planet no not the case imo, what may have happened there could be a close scenario that might happen here if the perverse pwrs that be write US & the world off before they TRY TO ESCAPE it UC.

  2. I wasn't convinced from your highlight, but when I look at the original photo it's more compelling. In the original off to the upper right there also appears to be a long wall and a squared off courtyard area of sorts. The edges of the wall are even enough to make me question whether it's natural.

    1. Thanks, yeah I understand. Thats why I always put the source URL. Hey good eyes, I didn't see the courtyard area. I got to head back to have another look now.

    2. Those faces just may represent the top commander, politician or CEO of that region that those faces are found perhaps...

      I dont see mars in its Zenith like are global society of 2day, hell you cannot just go anywhere there in its Zenith w/ out some element of danger & or excitement, UC mars was not governed like earths society where there is some element of safety were ever you go, in ancient mars i can see now that if you land in the restricted bad regions of mars & had no defense's & or escape mechanisms, then something not to nice could happen to ya, i can see regional segragated areas were some martian beings & large carnivorous critters were restricted to & not to nice a place to get trapped in.

  3. Oh my god.

    Stop embarrassing yourself with these faces...do you not realize how bad it makes this "site" look.

    So pathetic because it's presented as actual evidence. Sad, really.

    1. Yes itll be very very interesting to see people of earths origin especially the hard core furvent RELIGOUSNAUT of the 3 main earth origined religous teams reaction regarding the many different martian races, & of mostly dark skined full human humanoids, & in all likelyhood possibly racial groups or a group of real humans thats not known or seen on earth before, so if official gov disclosure do happens then i hope you dont blow your top on it, & not just over the faces & races of martian beings either, especially if your a bearded tall pale wht individual such as myself...

      Itll be such a shock to the cacasion religiousnauts to see a racial group of human beings they never saw before or even realize existed this very moment in our tme frame that it will in my estimation may cause some of those folks to switch into a self loathing mode & denile of thk'ing on this even when a disclosed official prof is staring them in there faces UC.


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