Bright Glowing UFO Over Argentina Mountains This Week, Nov 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 4, 2015
Location of sighting: Challao, Mendoza, Argentina
New source: http://www.inexplicata.blogspot.ca

This amazing glowing UFO appeared at night causing the entire city to see it over a small village in Argentina. The UFO may have been seen as it was leaving or entering an underground base in the area. Often when they first come out. They will hover over the area they exited, not moving, then slowly leave the area flying in a straight line...with speed increasing as they go. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A woman recorded an unidentified flying object at El Challao on Wednesday around 0400 hours, according to MendozaPost, a web portal in that city. The light that can be seen in the sky was over El Mirador, according to the casual correspondent. She was there with other people, and upon seeing the light, took out her cellphone and took a photo of it.