Orb Entity Caught On Animal Cam In Maryland On Nov 17, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 17, 2015
Location of sighting: Gambrills, Maryland, USA

This is an entity often called a spiritual orb or entity orb. Its very different from glowing orbs or cloud orbs seen in the sky. They are invisible and only seen with infrared and night vision. They are often the size of a golfball or baseball. Very similar to the orbs seen at the ECETI ranch. They are often in forested areas and are attracted to a persons positive energy. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
It starts at about 8 seconds in, you'll see a small round orb shaped thing fly around and then disappear. This is in my driveway.. no idea what it is..


  1. That is spirit so its a spirit person on your driveway :)

  2. That is spirit on your driveway a spirit person :)

    1. Yes i can see that, also it could be a relative sometimes if not a past living soul that just cant leave there old properties too perhaps, & simply move on away from this mtrl existance because of being bonded to there past life reality experience for a number of varied reasons in that deceased persons life.

  3. To me this looks like a drop of dew on the end of the spider web that can be seen moving in the breeze from the top right corner.

  4. Its almost ad if this site was set up to discredit any good sightings by taking these small nothings and publishing them as serious sightings

  5. Oh, it's just business as usual for Scott.

    He takes everything he comes across and presents it as OMG 100% true evidence of alien life!

    He literally appears to have NO sense of skepticism. Literally every picture of a rock has a face on it and is TOTALLY REAL PROOF OF ALIENS GUYS

    It's a shame because I'm a true believer, and I, like most people, unfortunately see this site has become a laughing stock. I've read other people saying it seems like he is trying to actually discredit good sightings by promoting garbage as "the truth" and it really does seem that way these days.


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