Startup Wants To Build Cube Satellite To Monitor For UFOs In Earths Orbit, Nov 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of project: Nov 2015
Funding project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cubesat-for-disclosure-low-earth-orbit-satellite#/

Now this is interesting. A startup group is creating a cube satellite project to monitor for aliens and UFOs. This technology in public hands could be the event that causes full disclosure of the existence of aliens. Sounds good, but I am a bit concerned about what kinds of cameras they will be using. If I was to make this, it would have infrared video and normal video,  also live and viewable on internet by all the public. Much like the ISS live cams. I hope it works and I hope they gather some evidence while its in orbit. 
Scott C. Waring

Funding site states:
Ionized radiation: we have a scintillation counter, that enables us to measure the various radiation in our satellites environment. This is significant as it enables us to detect high energy particles, radiation, and other phenomenon. Cameras: we will use two cameras with parabolic lenses, giving us a clear 360 degree view around our satellite. Radar: while this is a hope, but may not be feasible, we would like to have radar capabilities on our sat. Mini radars do exist, but they are a very new technology, so it may be difficult to get our hands on it. Radar would give us another tool for measurement, and would be among the first radars in space. If we raise enough funds, maybe we can get a radar on our sat, and have the ability to concretely verify objects in space. Regardless of radar, our radiation detection and imagery will give us enough to verify high energy emitting objects in space.