Pepsi Makes Movie Trailer About Dark Knight Satellites Orbiting Earth, Nov 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Nov 18, 2015

The Dark Knight satellites are real for sure. I have found these objects in close up photos a few years ago on the NASA site, and since then, NASA has been deleting them and moving them...playing a game of hide a seek with them every time I post them. At first I thought they were orbiting Mars, but as many reader say...its Earth they are orbiting. Do you want to see the real Dark Knight satellites in NASA photos? Click below...if you dare. 
Scott C. Waring






Pepsi states:
Global short film with footage shot from outer space with the UrtheCast camera on the International Space Station. “Black Knight Decoded” follows the journey of a father (David Oyelowo) and daughter (Layla Crawford) on their quest to decode the radio signals transmitted from the Black Knight satellite. With the help of their friend Ahna (Freida Pinto), they seek to unite the world in anticipation of the Black Knight’s (voiced by Usher) revelation on Earth. Relying on support from communities around the world, the trio are in a race against time to decode the signals and respond before the government attempts to shut them down. A Pepsi Production in association with Levity Entertainment Group the film includes footage shot from outer space using the UrtheCast camera mounted on the International Space Station An award winning cast including David Oyelowo, Freida Pinto, Usher and thousands of fans from 11 countries around the world that were brought together to participate as part of the Pepsi Challenge.