Alien Structure On Pluto Found In New Horizons Photo, Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2016
Location of sighting: Pluto
Source photo: http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/new.sputnik.top_.jpg

This building on Pluto stands out from its surroundings. I say building, because I have seen structures like this before on Earths moon and Mercury. This structure has an opening facing us. This building is unique to others I found in that there is a trail made from it moving back and forth along the surface of Pluto. Yes, I said it can move. The shininess of the black structure is due to a coating of ice over it. Its normal appearance is non-reflective black (stealth). These buildings always have a different shape. The seem to have been grown, rather than created. More biomechanics in style. Saves people time if people don't have to make them right? 

The best one I ever found was on Mercury. It had a the face of an African male about 30 years old and happy, round and the best detail I had ever seen. I could even see there were seams in it, much like the statue of liberty has in its face...lines were it was put together. That doesn't mean it was grown, but it was high detail. My Windows computer got a black  screen virus the next day, destroying everything. I had to toss the computer out. So I had no evidence of it, but I still see his face in my head. Africans...are descended from the stars. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. It looks like a snail that has lost its shell lol 😁

  2. Oh my god...you are a fool. You should really stop embarrassing yourself.

    The fact that you even have to approve people's comments is hilarious. I imagine you have SO MANY people making fun of you in these comments. I notice most of, if not ALL of the supporters that you allow to comment are very poor speakers, and are quite stupid indeed. I'd love to read all of the comments without you censoring them because it would make you look even worse than you already do...

    1. if you want a Rant forum go to craigslist, Mr cranius Maximus.
      what have you done to advance humanity lately?
      oh ya, Making fun of people and demeaning them, ... great job Atilla

    2. Look, I have seen a craft. I am a firm believer in extraterrestrial life. So, when I came to this site, it was interesting for a few days...until I realized Scott is crazy, and has a disturbing obsession with coloring rocks because he thinks they are alien faces. He takes pictures of desert-like images from Mars, then magnifies the image until things become out of context and pixelated. He then sees "faces", which you can see on any arid section of Earth if you do the same thing. The bothersome part is he takes these childish, moronic colored faces and then claims that they are 100% proof of alien life, and comments on how intelligent and cultured their "society" was. It's insane, and for someone who takes this seriously, he is an embarrassing joke.

      And yes, the VAST majority of people that support Scott have EXTREMELY poor grammar and communication skills, and that, my friend, is stupidity.

    3. And your logic is too diminish all of Scott's work because of what he believes? Your a fucking moron and do some err thing useful with "your" life

    4. I disagree with your UFO sighting, but that is besides the point. You seem educated, and smart, and that is all that really matters. You believe what you want. I fully agree with you about this website though. All it is is zooming in on things to see if shapes can be found, which is ridiculous and unintelligent.

  3. Scott,
    It's a giant mining machine. these were active on this planet many, many moons ago.
    awesome,...... kutgw

  4. These comments have to be approved? Almost as crazy and stilted as EVERYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE


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