Trilobites Found On Mars In Rover Photo, Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00964/mcam/0964MR0042730190502563E01_DXXX.jpg

Just check out these two trilobites found on Mars this week. Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube found them and its mind-blowing. Trilobites fossils here on Earth are often found around other trilobites. They live and die together. So seeing two of them is no surprise, but great evidence of a large water area that once covered the area here. You can even see the ridges of the separate sections of the trilobites. Fantastic detail. 
Scott C. Waring

Whatsupinthesky37: http://whatsupinthesky.com/index.php/2013-04-24-00-44-09/mars/989-interesting-objects
This is a quick one for me.. 11 minutes or so going over this cool shot that our buddy Kjell sent over last week. It has strange objects all over it. I love the one that looks oval and the pyramid looking capstone at the top. Even the thing to the bottom left of the capstone looking piece is really cool! I hope you enjoy! So much more to come for 2016. We have a much needed Space News coming up and then I am going to take us back to Ceres and Pluto along with a 2016 video that is going to talk about where I want to go with the channel as well as wanting your valuable input! I really do love the subscribers and the people have I have become great friends with on here even if we do not talk I still know that you are out there and watching as well as we take trips to other planets and talk about my life.. I appreciate all the shares, tweets, facebook posts and everyone who has come over to the website and signed up.