Asteroid 2016 TX68 Comes 1/10th The Distance From Earth To Moon In Two Weeks! Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of Asteroid: Mon, March 7-8, 2016
Distance from Earth: 14,000 miles
Size of Asteroid: 25-55 meters
Name of Asteroid: 2016 TX68
Source URL: http://www.albanydailystar.com/science/nasa-earth-defence-office-works-asteroid-2016-tx68-will-pass-no-need-worry-16723.html

This baby is heading our way in just a few days. NASA says it will come about 14,000 miles from Earth. Now something that needs to be said is back in 2013 a meteor that was 20 square meters exploded over Chelyabinks, Russia. It...was  18 miles above the city, yet luckily it explode before it hit the city. Its explosion had the power of 25-30 atomic bombs and injured over 1,500 and damaged tens of thousands of buildings. Its total weight was more that the Eiffel tower. 

Now, NASA tells us that Asteroid 2016 TX68 will pass within 14,000 miles? Thats 1/10th the distance from Earth to the moon. Are you freaking kidding me? At about 50 meters across this could destroy a dozen cities if it hits the ground. But if it explodes over the city, thousands of people could get hurt. Also, every asteroid has smaller parts that tag along with it. Did NASA take this into account? No! What happens if this asteroid breaks up and does a shotgun effect on a country somewhere? We really needs more info on this one, but NASA...wont reveal much more. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Scientists have unveiled that an asteroid known as 2016 TX68, larger than an 18-wheel tractor trailer truck moving at more than 34,000 mph, will make a close pass by earth in two weeks. The asteroid, around 100 feet long, has no chance of hitting earth. Scientists said that the asteroid may help raise attention towards tracking the thousands of asteroids passing around space that could severely impact, if ever they hit our planet. The asteroid in question is expected to fly as close as 19,245 miles to Earth at 4:06 pm Pacific time on Monday, March 7. Astronomer Gerald McKeegan at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland said that he knows the pass by would be quite close, but there is no risk of any collision and henceforth, no need to worry. It has also been unveiled that the asteroid pass-by would end as far as 10.7 million miles away because researchers have not been able to identify its precise orbit. The asteroid pass by would not be visible to naked eye. Even if it would then it will be the first time that an asteroid of such a size has come close to earth in three years. The asteroid was discovered three years back and has been traveling as far out as an area between Mars and Jupiter every 780 days. (more at source).

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