UFO Caught By Accident Over Barrel, Argentina On Feb 2, 2016, Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2, 2016
Location of sighting: Barrel, Argentina
Source: http://www.inexplicata.blogspot.ca

The digital eye often sees the things we miss, so its no surprise to see that he didn't notice it until he got home. This happens a lot and since its so easy to enlarge a digital photo and keep the detail, these UFOs are getting caught more often. 
Scott C. Waring

Inexplicata News states:
Argentina: UFOs (or BLURFOs) Over Barreal? A man took photographs along the Route 149 near San Martín street without seeing a single thing. He was startled, however, upon viewing the images. SAN JUAN - Hector Eduardo Sawiak is a resident of San Juan and a fan of extraterrestrial phenomena, as well as a member of ICOU (Investigadores de Campo Unidos - United Field Researchers), a federal network that extends throughout the country. A few days ago, while visiting Barreal, he stopped along Route 149 near San Martín street to take a photo of the landscape. He noticed nothing unusual at first. But upon downloading photos to his computer, he found something striking. "Normally, they move at speeds imperceptible to the human eye," he told DIARIO DE CUYO, regarding the UFO phenomenon. "I take my humble camera everywhere I go, sometimes in an effort to photograph something, at others just to shoot the landscape," he added. [Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO, and Diario de Cuyo)


  1. If alien life excist then don't they have a craze to involve and mix up with aliens?

  2. Replies
    1. Most photos are zoomed in thus making it blurry and fuzzier than the real photo.

  3. There are no clouds in space and one would think that NASA would have the best cameras on earth or in space so WHTF?

  4. mr. waring might want to check ''ufosnw.com'' for interesting report of airline pilot reporting mile long light object .report was heard by someone scanning with radio. plane was from san Francisco , vicinity of many alien activities. lights were seen near san Francisco. many huge flashes for long time.

    1. I just looked at it. If they get a great post I will put it up. If you know of one, drop the title and URL into any comment section. I always allow other UFO site to spam on mine. Its the only spam I do allow.


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