Gremlin Face On Moon In Chang'e Rover Photo, Feb 5, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 5, 2016
Location of discovery: Earths moon
Source photo: https://planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/data/change3/tcam/png/TCAM-I-067_SCI_P_20131217122437_0004_A_2C.png

China Rover Site: http://planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/data/change3/tcam.html

Take a close look at this photo and the first thing you notice is the Chang'e 3 rover is giving us the bird. Just a cool thing I had to point out. 

Also there is a face that resembles a gremlin, but without the ears. The facial detail is fantastic and I love how the Chinese do not edit the moon photos as much as NASA does. Excellent detail and it shows the real colors of the surface of the moon. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Hi. How can I go on the site? I can only see the picture but can't access the full site
    Any link please to the site?
    By the way great job
    French trouble

    1. You mean the source link. Thats how the Chinese like it. Check out these sources below.



      I hope this helps you my friend. SCW

  2. It reminds me of our wise & little friend Yoda...

    Ya know Scott, personally I & im sure others here too would agree, wouldnt mind seeing more of Chang'e 3's uploads on your site if ya can accomplish this regularly so that we can compare theres w/ NASA's, & that i believe would be quite interesting.


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