UFO Returns To Earths Sun, Do Aliens Have The Right To Use It? Jan 28, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 28, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

This ship was caught heading directly at our sun last week by Streetcap1 of Youtube. This really puts humanity in an awkward position. Honestly, who has the rights to use the sun as they see fit? I mean, what if they mess with it to much and cause a solar explosion so big it destroys the first three planets? What can they say, "oops, my bad!" That just doesn't work with me. WTF are they doing with our sun and why is NASA trusting the existence of all life on Earth to these aliens messing with it? Sure we are the little guys, but we are not all blind to the workings beyond our atmosphere. NASA and SOHO are responsible for taking video and photos of our sun, so they are 100% aware of it. Why are they not talking about this to the public? Perhaps they are scared of the public panicking? NASA never owns up to it and seems they never will. 

Oh, and a message to the aliens out there. Stop messing with our #@$%ing sun! We know the consequences of you making a mistake...we have to pay for it. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Apparently Phil Schneider spoke of a metal made in outer space that can withstand 10,000,000,000 degrees.This man should be honored for his sacrifice & contribution to mankind.

  2. I agree Scott, it's not right. I love your work Mr. Waring, keep up the high spirits of the community; we can do this, we need disclosure.

  3. It's going down, not up, you say it went back only today, i have LOTS of pics with the same shape, with the arms and without them...if you used to post some good research you would've discovered much more...check you fb more often.

  4. Please contact me...Ive been reading for a long time about "UFO's" having a connection to fallen Angels here with us atound us.
    And now I am reading about FLAT EARTH.
    I feel this changes everything including cover ups. And CGI. The Truth is coming out more. And many thing are out the window.

  5. wtf ? is this some really bad material for a new comedy routine ur testing out on us b4 u take it to the stage?

  6. Hi scott u have a good point but we r behind technologically and cannot defend our solar system. This leaves us at the mercy of such alien activity. Im not convinced if push came to shove we can even defend earth. Something aliens may well be aware of.

    A scientific analysis of the impact of such ufo activity wld be helpful.

  7. Well They did it and now we will see very soon what creatures will be knocking at our doors? I just hope that they will be friendly and wont want to eat us for dinner.

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  9. Good point Alex!
    Anyway i think that @ Nasa they know very well what's going on. And at our level of tecnology and civilization i think we're not in the position to tell'em: "Hey! Leave that star alone! Get the f*%k out of here or i'll shoot your ass...", even if i agree that's not right to us what they are doing. But onestly, what are they doing? If they get the energy (or whatever) from the flares, that energy would fly trough the universe anyway and get lost after billions of km, so it would be easier to think that they're not stealing energy and "life" from our Sun.
    The elite says it's not safe to tell everything to common people because the panic and all that bulls%*t but onestly if they started tellin us everything since day one, today we might even have a coffee @ starbucks sitting behind a gray! But too many interests around this aliens thing. And for this elite we're not "important" enough to share the truth and the knowledge with us.


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