Alien abductee Sue Sill of Outlane, Huddersfield, England wants to prove the truth is out there, Feb 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 2016
Location of sighting: Outlane, Huddersfield, England
News source: http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/alien-abductee-sue-sill-outlane-10701145

There are 3 videos of her sightings on the article, but they don't allow embedding, so you will have to click the source above to see the videos. And for others, 3 new videos that are not on Youtube yet...5 min after I post this they will be.

I admire this woman. She knows that aliens exist and she is not hiding in the shadows. She steps forward and takes a stand, announcing it to the world and trying to catch more evidence on video. She is a warrior. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
Are we alone in the universe? Everyone has a theory - but for Sue Sill, there’s only one answer. Sue, 57, of Outlane, claims she’s had many encounters with UFOS - and believes she was abducted in 2010. She says Huddersfield is a hotbed of activity and has filmed UFOs in the sky all around the town. Her latest experience was just last month, when she filmed a light in the sky above her home. She said: “I was in my kitchen with my sister-in-law Colleen, who has seen quite a lot of things with me. She said, ‘there’s something over the top of your house again - a bright light in the sky.’” Sue has been an avid UFO spotter for most of her life and in 2010 had an experience she describes as an abduction, around the same time crop circles were found at Castle Hill.She said: “I was sorting my things out for the morning and running a bath. I walked back into the bedroom and it was like I had gone into a trance.

 “I sat down on the bed and the next thing, some figures appeared. They were really small and they had black skin or were wearing black suits. “They had long, thin arms and their faces were obscured, like a liquid. I was thinking, ‘oh God, what’s happening here?’ “They came to the side of the bed and something like a veil came over me. The next thing I knew I was in a space on a craft looking at Earth.“The craft was iridescent like a bubble, I could see everything around me. I was thinking, ‘how can I be looking at the Earth?’ “The creatures spoke with telepathy and were showing me the Earth. At once there was a massive explosion on Earth, like a mushroom, and my heart sunk. “When the creature put its hand on my shoulder it was like ET with a long middle finger. It was like it was feeding off my emotions. I remember the creature saying, ‘don’t worry, you will be all right’. “I didn’t feel they wanted to harm me or the people on Earth, I think they were concerned about what’s happening on Earth. We are destroying the planet.” Sue said all of a sudden she woke up fully dressed lying on the bed. Hours had passed since her last memories from her bedroom. She said: “I tried to get up and I couldn’t stand up. I felt sick. I tried to do my normal routine, getting ready for work, but it was like I was jetlagged. “I saw my neighbour and he asked me what was wrong. I said, ‘I think I’ve been abducted’. He just laughed. “I thought I was going crazy so I went to the doctor. He just looked at me and sent me straight to a psychiatrist, who said I was okay. I knew I was fine. More at source.


  1. This has happened to me and its nothing more than lucid dreaming. People always panicking and start thinking that deamons dark angels or aliena are after them.... Happened to me at my old flat moms unclea and at the new flat. Aliens are after me at all my families houses? Lol nope. Just plain old lucid dreaming put of body experience!

  2. So she had a dream then I'm assuming that as she woke up on her bed fully clothed complete nonsense unless they abducted her spirit as she astral travelled or whatever it is

  3. Look. Many people claim they were abducted. But anyone can claim anything. Without tangible proof any abductee will just appear as a crackpot.

  4. Hi
    I don`t know whether you have heard of Amaury Rivera`s abduction case or not.
    he was abducted by humanoid aliens in puerto rico in 1989 along with around 15 other people. they were shown 3 projections about Earth`s future.
    in the first projection the humanoid aliens showed them their home planet named "KAA" and how they lived ,
    in the second projection they were shown an asteroid which is going to hit the Earth in the Caribbean and it`s going to be very catastrophic for the whole planet . the time of the event was not revealed,
    in the final projection they showed them the catastrophic state of the Earth in the near future where our current civilization and power structure collapses fully and it will become such that people will live like primitive men, living in houses made by car tires, at this time, the oceans are so polluted and the sky is black, earthquakes and tsunamis will be frequent, at this time, the riches of the world will make a floating city on the ocean called "atlantis" and they will live for a while there in luxury, not caring about the sufferings of other people, they will kill anyone who gets close to the city, at the end, God will cause such an earthquake that the whole Earth shakes, everyone will die, and the floating city will sink into the ocean, and all the nuclear weapons will go off as a result of the earthquake, but very few groups of humans will survive, then the "originator" (God), will help the survivors to start a new life.

    I believe this is one of the most underrated and least known cases of abductions, the aliens told him that they have a base under the ocean near puerto rico, he even took picture of the craft just after his abduction chased by military jets

    you can read his book here:

    his interview:

  5. Sounds like sleep paralysis. It happens when you're half conscious, and sort of half dreaming and half awake. This is also shown by the fact that she was in her bed at the start and end of the "abduction."

  6. Hello all I'm Joe from Southampton I've been to an spacecraft after I was abducted by alien .I watched an screen of the earth and also seen how the earth will end nuclear bombs go off all over the world and it shows spacecraft years later wiping out soldiers on the planet who or survivors and world leaders as they vanish by laser fire from crafts I'm showed craft that come from under water in oceans and doors from inside mountains the screen show was 5 minutes long I would say I was then took around the ship craft I was on and there was human like figures in rooms why I didn't ask and lots of alien like creatures different shapes sizes with big guns with a pointed end like a dart end. I was told within 2 years war will happen and man kind gone all together due to leaders on the planet only way we can survive is to destroy nuclear weapons I was told and its up to us the public to overcome a takeover of our leaders may God help us all I know this was no dream

  7. That sounds cool Joe. If all that is true, then you better get started spreading that message. Use social media to spread it...it will catch like a forest fire. Thank goodness I live in Taiwan, no nukes here and far from other countries.

  8. For me, the Jury is still out regarding abdutions.

    More research is needed in this field until i can say yes or no.


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