Ancient Structure On Mars, Cube, Faces, Art, March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2016
Location of sighting: Mars
Source photo: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/185296/snapshots/486379

Here are some broken structures on Mars. One of them, a cube, is hollow, allowing small beings to live within. You see there are edges to it, artistic rims made into it. This was discovered by Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club of Youtube. This is no doubt in my mind that this is part of a massive structure. I can see over two dozen faces scattered around the photo, and lots of other odd things. This photo alone should be enough to convince the public that life once existed on Mars, however people put all their trust in the government to tell them the truth....and that...is not going to happen. If you want the truth, you have to hunt it down. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Hi Scott. Very good images of Mars. I sent a true collection of curiosities and mysteries on Mars collected by Marcelo Irazusta in Google images of Mars. Very interesting work that I would like if you can spread it on your website. The link to the video is uploaded to my channel
    Thank you very much Scott. I send greetings from Mar del Plata

  2. In that region of mars the beings there must have been quite a HAPPY lot of individuals it seems from the color highlights images of all those smiles...

    Or perhaps a region of mars that i would nervously mind landing in but w/ extremel cautioun, & ofcourse w/ my trusty Duke 555KW scorching blue beam throwen lzr pistol w xtra charge clips that was designed & created by a extremely talented lzr weapons engineer from germany, but hell i can be friendly w/ ET or a aggressive fightin back earth human SoB w/ them too if they pushed the issue, & the lzr pistol would be quietly at the ready in my jump suit pocket w/ a photon cig lighter size explosive suicide device in another flight suite pocket thatll be activated if im cornerd w/ no choice but to take there behinds out w/ me providing that these beings are not in reality SMILING KILLERS ready to close in on me in in some imeidiet cruel way or instead a torturous slow way or another while there butts are smiling while doing it etc, so i guess ya never know the true personalities of those ancient martians unless you were to had meet one up close & personal i guess, hell how about ancient text or relics w/ writings on them to give such NSA grammer pros such as Mr M Dougherty as a example, who comments here like i do frequently, to give him something contructive here to help us on instead of being a Troll Critic here since hes so dam good at that & his grammer lessons if anything, so yes NASA's land rover unit should find as much geological & social history mars finds as possible imo, especially those w/ pics & writings on them instead of constant mineral & oil search finds, because we in the know knows that mars is rich w/ Strategic Minerals & more, but instead the roovers should also be programed if not secrectly allready, to retrieve & give those geophysical & historical martian writings & pic/drawing image finds beamed down & cleanly to those non SecGov research sources & w/ no visual obfuscation techniques added to the pics & filming imaging so that the rest of this worlds non NSA connected global scientific pub can study this info for possible cultural habbit msg deciphering, so as to ultimately try to understand the diff image stutues that may possibly have earth connected racial meanings involved, & including the question regarding what each statue may have culturally & socialy represented, thats relative to the various mars ancient beings regional locales, thoughts, intentions & past actions, & that kind of evidence would be obviously apparent in there writings, drawings, artworks etc, that would be filmed up close & personal using Hi Def that i really suspect & would wager a ben note that NASA's roover is extremely capable of doing in this present technological age, tho NASA under orders of the SecGov i feel, would deliberately show the worlds "PYRAMIDAL UNENITIATED" the smudgy & obfuscated NASA rover image's as they are actively continuing to this moment that there still doing UC.


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