Argentina Has A Community of Earthbound "Pleiadans," March 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article: March 16, 2016
Location of subject: Salta, Argentina
News Source: http://www.inexplicata.blogspot.tw

The Pleiadians are known as Nordic aliens and are humanoid-like aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars. They are very concerned about Earth and our future. 
Scott C. Waring

Inexplicata (Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy) states:
Less than 70 miles from the provincial seat of Salta, between the communities of Cachi and La Poma, along Route 40, can be found a "Pleiadan base" whose occupants claim to be the embodiment of extraterrestrial beings from some distant corner of the universe. Amid messages and entreaties to return to primitive simplicity, the residents claim having reached this northern Argentinean province to herald "the end of an evolutionary cycle". Reaching this location is not easy, as the curious must first cross a set of gates and walk along meandering paths. The homestead, little more than hills and blocks, is hidden in the vegetation. Upon arrival, a bell dangling from a post allows visitors to make their presence known. There is little recorded material on the site, but in a recent interview, the "Pleiadans" welcomed a reporter with the following disquieting statement: "We were expecting you. Our brothers of light told us you would be coming." According to the news media in Salta, there are over 30 "Pleiadan" communities and only two in that province: another in Cafayate and this one, in the Andean "puna", in a land that can only be used for walking and praying to the aliens.


  1. Id like to announce Scott & fellow crewmates that in this time of american based "TRUMPETED pun intended", Stupid Right Wing, brainless propaganda, including deliberate terrorists paranoia being purposely thrown to the innocent masses of earth, so being aware of this mental illness that some groups in global pwr have, they would want any ET thats benevolent thats either the so called Nordic, Lizard Person, the little to taller greys, hybrid humans & even the darker skined humaniod ET humans from other worlds & deminsions thats not widely mentioned all arrested & equip confiscated by this worlds SecGov, so being this factor against them they all cannot risk being known & found out anywhere on earth by exposing residence locations & or mtrl's locations, by doing this they are taking a hell of a extreme risk from SecGov mentally programed goons who would be ordered to locate them & TRY to neutralize them & confiscate there tech eguip if orderd by the SG, the SG would have in particular the benevolent ET persons earth locations classified higher & i mean much higher than a so called terriorist list of individuals that in some cases are mistakenly & even purposely labeled terriorist by the SecGov & there currupt GRB finiancial global network shiesters from wall st thats under the SecGov's control when needed, & imo they would do ANYTHING to anyone or thing regardless of even collateral damage to surrounding innocents to capture a known & UNAUTHORISED ET individual/individuals & there base camps & eguip on earth if the SecGov feels that they can take them over & remove the benevolent ET's in particular...

    The Break Aways & there SecGov SSP descendants seem to prefere the malevolents to do there secret dealings w/ imo, so can you see now what type of ET beings these evil global basterds like the most.

  2. My friend told me about this place the other day. Interesting.

  3. If these thing alien beings are real wouldn't they be all over world wide news and couldn't they do some alien magic tricks or something on tv so we would believe they are real or couldn't they contribute to is in some way instead of jus spouting the same old planet in danger stuff without actually trying to help us they could be liars I believe in ufos but wish they or the aliens could be proven so we could know it would be great if it was true though

    1. No in 2days world it would be absolutely detrimental for especially any ET being of any philosophical stripe to widely anounce his, her or its presence to this present day spiritually deadend world, including demonstrations of advance tech, mind meld techniques, ESP RV, & physical self healing capabilitys, not to mention warnings being given regarding geo physical earth changes to come to YOUR WORLD to warn, advise, possibly even help prevent also, & to uplift the earths human masses to reach the stars that is there universal right to do in this worlds time that the SecGov & GRB's are presently & deliberately stagnating to human evolutionary ruin, no they wont like the idea of ET going public at all, especially a benevolent helping hand from above, & this stems from the SSP & GRB's controlling & greedy mind sets as these global elites have proven aptly in this time on earth, they as of right now are creating global harm & dispare to earth innocents just about everywhere via the false flag guise of TERRORISM thats now there new global boogie man tool to use & scare towards the intellectually unaware in this worlds society to maintain there mtr'l control & perverse sense of ego & corrupted pwr over the innocent & unaware humanity's of earth, while THOSE VERY ELITES CLOCKS ARE TICKING now & there horrible reighn over earths masses will end & hopefully in near time UC.

  4. I need a team or community to contact me so that I can come into full consciousness and do my part to reclaim earth and humanities rightful place in the light.

  5. Very nice article, exactly what I was looking for.


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